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Food show

Posted by Karen 
Food show
July 25, 2019 08:55AM
Did anyone go along today? Was it worth it? Might be tempted to go Sunday.
Re: Food show
July 28, 2019 02:21AM
I havent been in AGES, I cant stand the crowds, but could be tempted today for something different to do.

I also thought about going to the light festival in Aotea park - TURAMA .


Are you going? Did anyone go?

Re: Food show
July 28, 2019 11:50AM
Oops sorry, I am late in getting to this.
I worked at the food show on Thursday - for the Whole Mix salads as I do some recipe development for them.
I bought some Bostock chickens as they were well priced, Proper Crisps as I can't resist them, liquorice, as Ed really likes it.
Some lupine tempeh as I am not eating much meat so thought that could be a protein worth trying.
I think that was just about it....
Re: Food show
July 28, 2019 01:16PM
I have been every year for the past 10 years I think. I don't think I've missed one. For me it's the best day of the year and we normally go Thursdays to avoid the crowds (though honestly, Friday was better than any Thursday for Crowds).
I've had 2 average and the rest were fantastic. One of the 2 average ones was this one. So many things we just weren't interested in, and many of the "usual" exhibitors were not present this year. We did spend quite a lot as we always do, and arrived at opening time and they were pushing us out the door at the end. We don't find the specials are usually that amazing, but it's a nice day out.

We would like to do some of the guest cooks but no chance we would get to everything otherwise.
Re: Food show
July 28, 2019 11:48PM
I ended up going on the Sunday, not too bad crowd wise! Bought a few things, trickett's walnut oil, and Sone's secret sauce, a thai style dressing, that is made in paraparaumu, and a couple of Quorn products, that were cheaper than the supermarket.
Helen if you are trying to cut down meat, the "mince" is really good in a shepherds pie style dish, especially topped with a cauli mash.
loved trying the different gins. I was hoping to see the meatfree ranges that are now popping up in the supermarkets to try, but sadly they weren't there. Not too many great offers I felt, and not too many give away samples, the cats did well, they got a few tasters!! Enjoyed my day though.
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