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Eggplant Kasundi

Posted by J1 
Eggplant Kasundi
August 04, 2019 03:08AM
Eggplants hardly ever appear in my kitchen. But I ate a delicious eggplant kasundi at a restaurant awhile back, last week saw the eggplants in the supermarket and thought right. So I made this one [] It makes about 1½ cups, is delicious and I can recommend it if you're eyeing up eggplants...

I used 2 cups (3 medium-sized tomatoes or about 380g) of peeled, chopped fresh tomatoes instead of canned ones and didn't add any extra liquid to compensate for can liquid. I also think it'd be better to put half the oil in with the first half of the eggplant, and then the other half of the oil in with the second half of the eggplant because the first half soaks up pretty much all of the oil (eggplants being what they are....). And I mashed the kasundi at the end because I didn't want cubes of eggplant.
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