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Edible Christmas gifts

Posted by Heather F 
Edible Christmas gifts
November 25, 2019 09:40AM
I love making delicious things for friends at Christmas, as apart from say a world cruise with butler, or a Lamb*rghini lol, we mostly have everything we need. I started planning several different types of biscuits, mini gingerbread loaves and perhaps some meringues, when I realised I don't have the time, or energy, to do all of that (so busy at work at this time of year), and so settled on: lemon barley and passionfruit cordial, rocky road, and tarragon mayonnaise. I gifted the first couple of lots yesterday and it was very well received, especially the mayo, as one friend's husband is a mayo nut. I had some cordial left over, and it's lovely - not overly sweet (1/2 c sugar to 1.5L water), and I mixed it half and half with sparkling water.
So if you're short on time and energy, it is still possible to whip up some yummy homemade treats, and can be made the day before giving. The cordial and RR were off
Re: Edible Christmas gifts
November 25, 2019 09:40PM
Two Christmas's ago I was given a fancy transparent plastic box in the shape of a Christmas Tree filled with chocolate "bliss balls" made by those well-known chocolate hazelnut people whose names begin with FR. Last year I made my own chocolate bliss balls and used the Christmas tree box to gift them to my son. Once he had finished them, he gave me the box back saying "would I please fill it again next year?" So that's going to be part of his Christmas present again this year. I wonder how many years I will have to do this for him??
Re: Edible Christmas gifts
November 26, 2019 04:43AM
Heather, is the Tarragon Mayonnaise made from scratch? Tarragon is my new favourite herb.
Re: Edible Christmas gifts
November 27, 2019 09:03AM
Hi Ali - yes it is. I always have white wine vinegar with a sprig or two of tarragon in it, and I can get lovely very fresh free range eggs. I use the whole egg. Just love tarragon too, and my fave Christmas hot dish is a free range chook with butter/shallot/tarragon under the skin.
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