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Ready Mixed Scones/Crumbs etc

Posted by Suze 
Ready Mixed Scones/Crumbs etc
December 03, 2005 09:20AM
Hi there, just wondering if anyone has any tried and true pre-mix type mixtures. Let me explain ... lol My parents own a boat in Picton and often stay on it for a couple of weeks at a time. They have a gas hob and gas oven, fridge etc.

For a Christmas present, I was thinking of getting some snaplock bags and preparing the likes of a scone mixture that just needed water/milk added or herbed breadcrumb mixtures (for crumbing that freshly caught fish!). Does anyone have any suggestions/ideas. With thanks, Suze
Re: Ready Mixed Scones/Crumbs etc
December 03, 2005 10:13AM
What I do when we are going to be away for a while on our boat, is preserve in those large preserving jars, (you know, bottled stuff with proper seals and stuff in steralised containers) a couple of curries and some spag bog...they keep and keep just like all preserves, and for some reason I put pretty gold labels on them just for me. A large jar of spag bog or curry will feed four if you have unexpected visitors onboard too or, a couple, for a couple of nights if you suddenly hate the idea of cooking or can't catch any fish. You don't put the spag in the bog though just the bog and cook the spag separately and all you have to do is heat up the bog or which case you cook your rice etc.

I also bottle a beef and kidney or mince filling for pies in the winter sailing months for my husband when he goes away with his mates and all he has to do if that is what he wants is to tip the filling into the pie dish, and put the thawed out pastry on top and whammo...cook and wallah!! - the freezer is always full of bait and salt ice, so no room for frozen pies.

I'm more than likely to run out of food at home though, so quite often they are brought home after a few days away and become our easy as, evening meal on land.

Re: Ready Mixed Scones/Crumbs etc
December 03, 2005 09:53PM
Wow, Kerry, great idea!

Just a wee query, I am thinking (based on your idea) of making a nacho type mix with mince, beans etc. I know the basics of preserving it, so that's fine and we have large preserving jars here. However, would it need to be refrigerated afterwards? I hope this isn't too silly a question!

Thanks in advance, Suze
Re: Ready Mixed Scones/Crumbs etc
December 03, 2005 09:54PM
I`ve made up the dry ingredients of pancakes and then add the correct amounts of melted butter etc when needed, I also us the snaplock bags and write what quantites I need to add on the outside of the bags. So I don`t see why you couldn`t do the same with scones etc.
Re: Ready Mixed Scones/Crumbs etc
December 03, 2005 11:03PM
Hi Suze,
No, it doesn't require refrigeration because it has been perfectly preserved...hasn't it?? smiling smiley If it isn't perfectly preserved sad smileyyou will have either a nasty explosion within days or the lid will lift slightly and seepage will occur and a strange, phartyfied pong will pervade but this only happens if somehow the rim hasn't been cleaned off properly and a little of the contents thus, prevent proper sealing. This has only happened to me once. The pong alerted me all was not in order. Of course, once you do open it it must be kept in the fridge and don't freeze after opening either...Well, I wouldn't.

Just follow the same principals as for any preserving but make sure the contents going into the jar are simmering away and well cooked and the jar is straight out of the oven..That's what I have found works for me and the seals have been steralised in boiling water, which I sometimes do twice if the water has cooled as I don't want to put cold lids on hot tops.

Chillie con carne has been another favourite.

I find the chillie based preserves tend to lose a bit of their heat after a few months, so I have on board a tub of Vencats hot curry masala to perk them up if need be.

Let me know how it goes, if it goes..

Re: Ready Mixed Scones/Crumbs etc
December 04, 2005 07:16PM
Kerry, I'm curious. Do you go boating only in calm waters? What happens to all your lovely glass preserving jars if you hit some rough weather? The mind boggles. I can see a new trend starting here: 'Storm-splashed duvet covers. One pattern only: Hot Chilli'. Similar to tie-dyed, but you get the picture. smiling smiley
Re: Ready Mixed Scones/Crumbs etc
December 04, 2005 08:14PM
Ugg, please don't go there. I have a horrible picture all too clearly, and my nose is tingling, but, we've got a proper boat with proper storage facilities and it can take proper waves too and I'd love it if we only went out in flat seas, but sadly that is a rarity. The only splashed duvets we've had is going into some incredible seas through Tiri a few months ago and somehow, I hadn't secured the hatch over the main bunk cabin, so when it flew open the sea flew right in. Just one of the joys of boating. Love it. smiling smiley

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