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Help with Christmas dinner ideas

Posted by Zeetra 
Help with Christmas dinner ideas
December 12, 2005 05:57AM
Hi all,

Now I have just found out that 4 other people will be joining our little party of 4 for Christmas Dinner (tea-time),
Now our big family lunch is on Boxing day so we dont really need anything too fancy as we are far from fancy food people, I actually dont think anyone in my family would eat hummus?
But any way, can you please suggest some quick,simple and most important CHEAP ideas for 8 adults to have for Christmas dinner.

I really appreciate any advice i get.

many thanks to you all

Re: Help with Christmas dinner ideas
December 12, 2005 06:13AM
How about Roast Chicken with stuffing and roast veges? Plain and simple and reasonably priced.


Re: Help with Christmas dinner ideas
December 12, 2005 06:39AM
I agree with Jude, but you can still spice up the old veggies, try adding rosemay and garlic to the oven roasted potatoes, glazing some carrots with some herbs in melted butter. Try out a different stuffing. Or serve with a selection of salads and still have roasted potatoes/veggies.
Re: Help with Christmas dinner ideas
December 18, 2005 06:44AM
You've probably got your menu sorted now, but I've been browsing so will reply.

A roast is probably the cheapest way to go, but what is your idea of cheap? To feed 8 you'd need two chickens (up to $20) or a large roast of pork, beef, lamb (expensive) or turkey (also expensive). Chickens would be cheapest.

I think I'd tend to go for two large chickens, stuffed with traditional herbed bread stuffing. That gives you eight jointed legs to share, 4 wings, and breast meat. Roast veges can be cooked in an electric frypan and a separate dish on another rack in the oven.

You could also think about having a barbecue, using inexpensive meats. Sausages always go down well. Chicken nibblets (marinated) are great. Meat patties with trimmings so people can make their own hamburgers. Salads.

I'd tend to go simple on the dessert, either fresh fruit salad or berryfruits, with icecream. I'm sure the company is more important than the food.

Good luck

Re: Help with Christmas dinner ideas
December 19, 2005 04:56AM
Hi Zeetra
The family may not eat hummus, but when I have "conservative" guests, I give them Green dip.

1 cup frozen peas
handful of crushed mint (or you could just get minted peas)
a knob of soft butter
1 Tbsp oil
Salt and pepper

Defrost the peas. Then whiz them with the mint, butter and oil.
It goes very green. Add a little more oil if you want it thinner.
Put it all in a bowl and let the flavours develop.

This dip/ spread is great with roast veges, bread rolls, crackers, chips, fresh vegetables.
It looks great next to cherry tomatoes. The kids love the stuff.
Have a great christmas.
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