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Strawberry Dacquery Mixes

Posted by Linda 
Strawberry Dacquery Mixes
December 18, 2005 02:20AM
Sorry if I've spelt it wrong.

I've seen some of the mixes around, which you just add the alcohol.

Wondered if anybody has tried them? Are they nice? Look very easy to make an impressive looking drink which may go down nicely on Xmas Day.

The ones in particular, I've seen are at Wild Appetite.

All comments, appreciated.


Re: Strawberry Dacquery Mixes
December 18, 2005 10:34AM

I have no idea how good they are, though d:

That said, it's worth having a look at some of Hayden Woods' cocktail books - you create fruity syrups/mixers which you then make cocktails with, and so far I haven't come across a cocktail I didn't like (:

He has a website at [] which has a couple of cocktail recipes (The white velveteen is delicious; and the candy apple syrup makes extremely nice cocktails)
Re: Strawberry Dacquery Mixes
December 18, 2005 12:57PM
Hi Linda,

I have had many Cocktail parties and have found that if you are catering for a few people, you are best to have easy to make recipes.
I find making a cocktail that can be served in a jug very easy!
We will be serving Mint Mojitos on Christmas day as with the Queensland heat, something very refreshing is needed.
Daiquiris are very delicious if you can make it from scratch with all the ingredients. I haven't tried the mixed ones that you just add alcohol but nonetheless I'm sure they are nice too.
Merry Christmas to you


Re: Strawberry Dacquery Mixes
December 19, 2005 11:47PM
At New World here in Auckland, in the wine section, they sell plastic bags of daiquiri, margarita and pina colada mixes. (In bright pink, green and yellow bags)

I can vouch that the daiquiri and margarita mixes are great!

The bag has the fruit mix in it and it has a screw cap. On the bag it has mark where to fill warm water up to and another mark for the white rum etc.

You then put it into the freezer for approx 6 hours till it goes slushy and then pour it out into the glasses.

The daiquiri tastes as good as if it had fresh strawberries pureed into it.

The retail for about $16-17 dollars

Re: Strawberry Dacquery Mixes
December 20, 2005 01:51AM
Have bought the Margarita mix in a bucket and it is fantastic! Just add tequila and freeze. Lemon and salt the glasses and a lovely easy way to serve a special drink. Have seen the mix you are talking about in a bucket also same brand ( its at home and I cant check right now) so bound to be wonderful. A strawberry on each glass and Bob;s ya uncle! winking smiley

Chopsticks are the reason the Chinese did NOT invent custard. winking smiley

Re: Strawberry Dacquery Mixes
December 20, 2005 06:34AM
I love the mixes that Angela is talking about, just reminded me to put some on my xmas shopping list.
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