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tinned strawberries

Posted by Ronnie 
tinned strawberries
December 22, 2005 06:48AM

Has anyone used the tinned strawberries.....If so what are they like ?
Re: tinned strawberries
December 22, 2005 07:19AM

Ronnie, can I ask why you would want to use tinned ones when the fresh are about and a reasonable price?? Does your recipe stipulate tinned??


Chopsticks are the reason the Chinese did NOT invent custard. winking smiley

Re: tinned strawberries
December 22, 2005 07:42AM
I have bought tinned strawberries before in Winter for use in daiquiri's. They are good for this, but frozen ones are better if you can get them. I often buy bulk lots of strawberries when in season, hull them and freeze. Really good to use in baking or for making berry coulis.
Re: tinned strawberries
December 22, 2005 09:06AM
They're... pretty weird.

Someone left a tin with us one cocktail party...

They're sorta soft.

I wouldn't want to eat them straight up.
Re: tinned strawberries
December 22, 2005 09:21AM
I personally don't like them (find them sqidgy and tastless) and would suggest frozen over tinned. I have strawberrys in the garden someone has planted all ripening now and gosh they are yummy! I understand why people grow them at home now!
Kindest Regards
Re: tinned strawberries
December 22, 2005 11:17AM
Hi PalmyLyn

Was actually given the tin of strawberries, & just wondered what they were like
do prefer the fresh ones & yes they are cheap enough today, no doubt the prices will go up on Saturday tho !!!

Your saying at the bottom of your message reminds me of my (now 40yr old son) saying something like that.......he was only 3 -4 at the time
I like pie.........but not meat pie (said in a deep voice) lol lol
Re: tinned strawberries
December 22, 2005 06:13PM
My daughter, when a small child, once said of curry "I like the flavour but I don't like the taste." I know what she means.

Re the tinned strawberries. The tin would be the most valuable part of the whole. The berries are tasteless with a slimy, squashy texture, and the syrup is far too sweet. Use them in a recipe at your peril.

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Re: tinned strawberries
December 22, 2005 11:29PM
i have used them (well drained) in a pav roll, with cream. went down a treat! so much so that i now keep a tin for just that purpose. yes they are very sweet (even for me and i have a very sweet tooth)
Re: tinned strawberries
December 23, 2005 03:47AM
I craved them when made in a strawberry jelly with pouring cream when I was pregnant.I couldn't sleep at night if I knew there was some left in the fridge!! I had to sneek down and eat it all up.Now the thought is disgusting.
Re: tinned strawberries
December 23, 2005 03:57AM
I have used them in winter for a fruit crumble, but even then warm strawberries that have been tinned were pretty gross
Re: tinned strawberries
December 23, 2005 05:25AM
They make a lovely short-crust pie if mixed with lightly cooked rhubarb and no added sugar - obviously the rhubarb provides a touch of tartness. Serve with cream or custard and it's quite delicious.

I can't remember why I bought the can of strawbs because I normally get fresh or frozen - anyway that's what I did with them.
Re: tinned strawberries
December 23, 2005 07:48PM
We aquired a tin once, and I've never bought them since. Even our kids wouldn't eat them. Like Zeetra, I added the remains to an apple crumble and although it gave it a nice pink colour, didn't add anything to the flavour.

Re: tinned strawberries
December 24, 2005 12:45AM
I only use them in muffins with choc chips, handy toi have in the back of the cupboard.
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