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Toffee pops truffles help please

Posted by Linda 
Toffee pops truffles help please
May 13, 2006 06:18AM
I finally got around to making the white toffee pop truffles today, but put a 250 gram container of cream cheese instead of 125. Didn't realise until it was all in the food processor. So I added some coconut to try and make it a better consistancy. Have just used two teaspoons to form blobs, rather than balls, and put them in the freezer.

Other than buying another packet of toffeepops, any other suggestions gratefully appreciated.


Had a similar problem last Christmas with some truffles that
refused to set. The solution was very decadent but I dipped the frozen 'blobs' in melted chocolate twice - they then became like soft centered chocolates and I must say they disappeared very fast!!! Good luck!
Re: Toffee pops truffles help please
May 13, 2006 07:55AM
I put the blobs into the freezer, then left them for about 30mins. Went back and the mixture had firmed up, so rolled them into nice balls. Rolled into more coconut and back into freezer. Had to sample one, and very YUM.


Could anyone please tell me the way to make Toffee Pop Truffles as I would like to make them for childrens birthday and have done a search but can't seem to find it. Thanks
Re: Toffee pops truffles help please
June 09, 2006 03:39AM
Julie here is a link to the last discussion on this.
Basically I think it is a packet of toffee pop biscuits blitzed in the food processor with 125 g tub of cream cheese and then rolled in coconut.
This was an approximated guess and I would be interested to here who has made them and what they thought?
Re: Toffee pops truffles help please
June 11, 2006 10:41AM
i tried them last year sometime and I obviously did something wrong as they didn't set all that well.....but it made a lovely sweet bread type spread and I found it quite easy to have a few teaspoons just as a yummy quick treat :-)

cathy51 in NZ

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Re: Toffee pops truffles help please
June 12, 2006 04:54AM
I threw mine away - they were yuk - I didn't like the combination of cream cheese and sweet biscuits - they tasted like a cheese ball gone wrong somehow - I froze them and then we forgot they existed, tasted a few, then threw them out - I used mint flavoured biscuits and another batch of coconut ones - just didn't do it for me I'm afraid...maybe I should have stuck to the original toffee pop suggestion??

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Tried both recipes yesterday - Toffee Pop recipe (with chopped Apricots in) was a success but not too keen on the mint ones.................
Re: Toffee pops truffles help please
June 12, 2006 09:31AM
mmm bit like a cheeseboard after brushing your teeth!

Four legs good, two legs bad. George Orwell
Re: Toffee pops truffles help please
December 21, 2008 10:45AM
hi a friend of mine made these for me last Christmas she added bailey's to the mix they were yummy but she smashed the biscuits up with a wooden rolling pin not a blender and left the mix to semi set in the freezer before rolling them into balls and dipping in chocolate to coat from memory she used a 250g cream cheese and 2 packets of toffee pop snow and @ 1/4 or less cup of baileys =)
Re: Toffee pops truffles help please
December 21, 2008 10:48PM
My daughter made the mint biscuit/cream cheese combo for the 'cooking' section at this year's School country day (pet day). She accidently added a 250g tub of cream cheese, and the cream cheese was the spreadable kind (purchased by MIL while I was out of action) but she still won first prize! I personally didn't care for the taste or texture, but obviously the judges did!
Re: Toffee pops truffles help please
December 21, 2008 11:18PM
It's 2 packets of toffee pops to 125 gms cream cheese. I made these earlier on in the year and thought they were ok but nothing too special. I think if there was anymore cream cheese the flavour would be lost. Dipping them in chocolate is a good idea though.
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