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Kefir Grains

Posted by lenart 
Kefir Grains
July 10, 2018 06:02AM
My kefir strain makes yummiest and authentic tasting kefir that I know really well as I grew up with kefir in Russia and it was one of the staples in our culture. I have tried different strains of kefir grains from many sources and this one is by far THE BEST not only from my experience but also from what I hear from other people who had other kefir grains before. I have this strain for many years and have shared it with many families across New Zealand for more than 10 years.

It is very active and fast fermenting strain of milk kefir grains with a really good balance of bacteria and yeast. Kefir has a wealth of health benefits including supporting digestion, immunity and gut health.

My grains have never been in the fridge, freezer or dried, only fresh and constantly working. You can make as little as a cup and as much as several litres of kefir a day with these kefir grains to suit your needs.

These kefir grains come in a handmade pouch which makes the grains almost maintenance free. No need for utensils and no straining is required.

Printed straightforward care instruction, based on many years of experience and troubleshooting people's questions will be provided with kefir grains and I will include my family's heirloom recipe for making Russian Tvorog (curd cheese) and Smetana (fermented cream). I have the knowledge and experience that can't be found on the net and that comes from my background of consulting and helping businesses to set up a production of yoghurt and other fermented lactic products and studying Russian and overseas research papers and food technology books. I will always answer the questions should you have any.

I normally post once a week on Tuesdays to give the grains time to grow. The price is $35 plus postage:
$6 Overnight Courier (1-2 days), $8 Rural Delivery CourierPost Overnight Service

Please email or send me a message though my Facebook Elena’s Kefir Page:

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