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Jamie Oliver pan

Posted by Tammy 
Jamie Oliver pan
October 28, 2008 02:13AM
I am thinking of getting one of these with my fly buys. has anyone got any experience with them? they are made by tefal
Re: Jamie Oliver pan
October 28, 2008 03:27AM
Hi Tammy.... is that a red dot one? I have been away at the beach and the house had one of the tefal red dot pans... whilst I found it good as a non stick pan, the red dot didn't heat up.. aren't they supposed to glow or something similar when the pan is 'ready'. But I could find no reference to Jamie Oliver on the pan. And I did look as I remember thinking, mmmm this is no better then my cheapie Briscoes or Red shed jobbie.. can't remember where I purchased mine from but they were cheap as chips and I found no difference between both sets.

cheers smiling smiley
Re: Jamie Oliver pan
October 28, 2008 04:24AM
thanks Irene. it is a red dot one. it is the ridges whcih appeal to me. I may go for the le creuset one instead
Re: Jamie Oliver pan
October 28, 2008 05:11AM
having heard of Le Creuset's reputation, I would be inclined to go for that. Their reputation is founded on their product not a person's name
Re: Jamie Oliver pan
October 28, 2008 06:08AM
I have a Jamie Oliver pan and would definitely not get another one. It just doesn't get hot enough and is really nowhere near as good as I expected given the price (it is a red dot one). I ended up getting a couple of heavier non stick (no-name brand) frypans from Farmers which have been totally excellent and I thrash! 1/3 of the price but much better!

Re: Jamie Oliver pan
October 28, 2008 07:56AM
I have a small Jamie Oliver tefal coated frypan which I love. I never bother looking at the red dot and I also have to say I'm disappointed the Tefal coating started to lift soon after using. Its a great little pan though despite the fact it was hugely overpriced for the quality.
Re: Jamie Oliver pan
October 28, 2008 08:09AM
If you're looking specifically for non-stick, I would highly recommend the Tefal "Previlege" range at Farmers. It is by far the heaviest of the Tefal styles, which can be rather flimsy, and also is able to be used on an induction cooktop, if that is any use to you.

I have one 30cm non stick pan (the rest stainless steel), and if I get 3 years out of it I'm happy. Because of that I don't want to spend a lot.. I think I paid $60-70 at 50% off and have been extremely surprised and pleased with how hot it gets and how evenly the heat distributes.
Re: Jamie Oliver pan
October 29, 2008 11:43AM
Tammy if you do go le creuset then be sure to contact me for a price.
I have a le Creuset frying pan and also a Bourgeat non stick frying pan. I use both all the time. it depends on what I am cooking as to which pan I chooose.
Re: Jamie Oliver pan
October 29, 2008 10:41PM
I have ordered the le creuset skillet with my fly buys smiling smiley But Helen, I am still interested in a ridged grill pan. Can you please e-mail me with a price for one of those. thanks
Re: Jamie Oliver pan
October 30, 2008 07:51AM
hi guys
i would just like to say i love my jamie frypans i have all three sizes, and two pots which i think are great.
Re: Jamie Oliver pan
November 02, 2008 09:14AM
I was offered a Jamie Oliver pan to test-drive. It's a skillet style with the large red dot in the centre. I am largely happy with it as I wanted a pan I could transfer from stove top to oven to finish off assorted dishes like salmon, lamb racks, frittata, etc. However, I have one big reservation - it is very heavy and almost impossible for me to do one-handed draining, tipping out a frittata etc. Two years down the track the surface is still fine apart from the odd light scratch (husband to blame, of course).

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