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Elderflower or Not?

Posted by Rachel - Ashburton 
Elderflower or Not?
November 19, 2008 04:39AM
On our farm we have several trees which look to me like elderflowers. The flowers look like elderflowers, and have a strong floral smell, but will I cause myself irreprable damage if I try to make cordial with them? I'm having trouble with my camera so can't post a photo... (also posted on Garden Forum)
Re: Elderflower or Not?
November 20, 2008 08:26AM
Here are some pictures so you can compare
Re: Elderflower or Not?
November 20, 2008 10:08AM
And if you are feeling brave.... take branches of flowers, dip them in a beer batter and then when dunked and golden, dredge with icing sugar and die of happiness. I wouldn't cos that is a flower too far, but many would I'm sure. Think umm.. hmm think those yellow courgette flowers.. same diff I reckon.. oh and I should mention about rose petal tart and how you could convert Elderflower to the same tart but using Elderflower cordial instead of Rose water.... I am sneezing my head off and not making any sense. Ta ta. Oh and as I lie dying here, don't forget Elderflower .. oh oh senior moment..
could have been custard... make custard and stick meringues together with horrible stuff... many good things come out of these tiny flowers.. you just need a bit of waftiness to see it..I'm veee wafty so of course I see potential in just about everything.. even some of you!!! Not all of it promising though!
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