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Climate Information Needed...

Posted by Rachel - Ashburton 
Climate Information Needed...
April 08, 2009 02:18AM
I know some of you live in the Nelson region. We are looking at a farm in the Atapo/Korere area - could you tell me what the climate is like? Is it very hot in Summer? Does it snow in winter? Does it rain a lot or a little? Anything else I should know? I have had family live in Nelson city, but this area is closer to the Lakes district. Thanks in advance!
Re: Climate Information Needed...
April 13, 2009 12:09PM
Korere is hot through summer and heavy frosts in winter with some shaded areas holding on to the frost for days on end like any average South Is country area. Only very occasional snow settling in winter, usually when the rest of the country gets a good dumping of it. Average rainfall and I'm not aware of fog being a problem. I don't know where the Atapo area is but if closer to the lakes there is the possibility of a bit more snow maybe although I'm not aware of snow disrupting farming in this region like it does further south.
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