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Bed Buying

Posted by helen 
Bed Buying
April 09, 2015 03:50AM
I have just been out looking at bed's for our 13 year old and have come home confused.
She is getting a Queen size bed and there are discounts aplenty but it still seems that I either pay $1900 for top of one range or $3300 for something that is up with the best. These prices have already had about 25-40% discount taken off.
The latter seems very expensive but do you think it is worth spending once and spending well?

Do you completely pay for what you get with beds?
Re: Bed Buying
April 09, 2015 07:32AM
Personally I think $3300 isn't that bad for something that will hopefully last 10+ years. Given how much time we spend in our beds and how important a good night's rest is, and on the flip side how awful it is to have an uncomfortable bed and how much pain it can send your body into... if you can afford a good one then IMO do it.
Re: Bed Buying
April 10, 2015 06:31AM
Wow, I think $3300 is a lot for a bed. We paid $1800 (on sale for $1200) Sleepyhead, inner sprung, pillowtop etc) for our mattress, and then got a frame which was about $800. So $2000 all up. It has lasted 8 years so far with no sign of wear and tear. I do turn my mattress around every year though (cant turn it over as the pillow top is on top)

The thing these days is nothing lasts for a lifetime like it used to. So I always bank on most things like a bed lasting 10 years, hopefully 15.

I think as long as you stick to the good brands, you should be right.

What sort of warranty are they offering?
Re: Bed Buying
April 10, 2015 08:52AM
Just done this over Xmas. They do range in price but it all does depend on what you want. Effectively paid 2k for a super firm bed, but no pillow top, no storage etc. Even the fabrics used for those pillow tops (hate them) increase the price.

The guy in harveys said some people prefer that satin look, personally dont care, but its each to their own and thus the price differentials.
Re: Bed Buying
April 11, 2015 01:56AM
We purchased one yesterday which we hope is going to last at least 10 plus years, we are both 72 & so must say we won't want to replace it. It was $3,600 super king & that was with a 40% reduction, we were happy with that. It is supposed to keep you cool in the summer & warm in the winter a sleepy h... brand.
We won't require it until end of June so can't report on how it is until after that.
We did spend a lot of time trying out various ones as we both have back problems. Have bought one from HN before but weren't happy over some issues so wouldn't go back there & although they were sorted to our satisfaction it took a lot to get there.
Re: Bed Buying
April 12, 2015 12:20AM
It can be a hugely difficult choice and took loads of research a few years back after paying a lot of money to purchase the wrong bed! I by chance come across Robert Grice furniture on trade me of all places. They apparently used to make all the beds for farmers years ago prior to all the "leading brands" you see today. I was intrigued so dispatched hubby on a visit to Chch to check them out (after all it was him making noises about the first wrong purchase!) And all responses were good and so I went ahead and purchased via a tm auction! Won our brand new king size for $650. It arrived beautifully packaged and I am happy to report it is the best bed we have ever slept on. It has all the bells & whistles and was everything they described. You can ph them and talk to Robyn she is fab. Never in a million years would I have ever contemplated purchasing like that but for the price I couldn't afford not to (and we had done our homework I suppose). Not sure about getting to auck but we just had a furniture carrier pick up for us. RG did have stock in auck at one stage I think? Good luck.
Re: Bed Buying
April 12, 2015 01:08AM
Well sad news about Robert Grice sad smiley Reading Sally's comment I went searching and they have no listings on Trademe, and according to this]Stuff article[/url] down towards the end, they closed in 2005.

Can anyone from Ashburton confirm if this is true or not sad smiley
Re: Bed Buying
April 12, 2015 03:49AM
Sorry Irene, I should have put the contact details, ph 03 3083993 listed under tm stores as rgfurniture. I note they haven't got listings, but they do come and go I suppose. I hope that helps.
Re: Bed Buying
April 12, 2015 05:04AM
Thanks Sally. Will watchlist them and then be sent new listings This was the frame only and no mattress is that correct??

Edited due to auto correct being way off kilter!!

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Re: Bed Buying
April 19, 2015 02:00PM
Sorry about the delay in replying Irene, i have been working all weekend, no I purchased the luxury king size bed (mattress & base). It has the memory stuff in the top layer. Very comfortable.
Re: Bed Buying
April 19, 2015 10:23PM
Thanks Sally. Coincidentally they loaded new listings last week, and as they are on my watchlist - I saw what they have to offer. Food for thought - a holiday down to Christchurch, test a new bed in Ashburton?

Decisions, Decisions!! smiling smiley
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