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Posted by marylew 
TV Shop
April 17, 2015 09:57AM
What do you members think about buying products from this type of source? I really have trouble sleeping and always wake up with a sore neck. I saw a special type of pillow endorsed by a chiropractor and at the trial price of $15.00. I rang to order and they wanted to sell me pillow cases to fit. I hadnt thought of that so I was immediately thrown.I made up an excuse that I would surely have something to fit.The pillow cases were $25.00 each.Then I gave my debit card details and was told the actual charge was $39.98. I questioned that but was told that it included postage. I did not see that advertised but obviously my mistake.I agreed to the deal and the 20 minutes later thought no way. I could not afford the real expense. I called back just after 5pm but I was told the management team had gone home try and cancel tomorrow.Hopefully I can cancel but on TV it looks amazing but there are always hidden costs.
Re: TV Shop
April 17, 2015 10:23AM
Hi Marylew

I have heard from several people who have been in similar circumstances. Unfortunately it is with the extras that they can make money. Sad, but there it is.
Just a note on buying a pillow without trying it. We can all be lucky when buying an untried pillow, but it is best to try a pillow in store before buying. Our needs are always different and different shapes suit different people. Even the feel of bed you have can affect how a pillow feels. If possible find a retailer where you can try a pillow on a bed that feels similar to yours.
For years my husband said I had a pillow fetish as I kept buying pillows and then didn't like them. I have had my current pillow for several years now and love it I spent time in store trying it first.
Good luck with the cancellation.
Re: TV Shop
April 18, 2015 05:35AM
Thank you Sandy for your good advice. It all turned out well in that I was able to cancel and management member was pleasant.I was however offered the deal much cheaper than yesterdays deal with another pillow added in for free and free pillow cases.I was glad that I had read your take on it and could stand my ground and refuse this new offer. Thanks again.
Re: TV Shop
April 18, 2015 05:38AM
Sorry forgot to add $40.00 discount on original price as well.
Re: TV Shop
April 18, 2015 05:45AM
Hi Marylew , just quote the consumer guarantees act ..... its really interesting.
They gave you false imformation thats your out. All the best
Re: TV Shop
April 18, 2015 06:43AM
Thanks Ngaire good advice. I will remind myself not to enter into any such deals in future.Obviously over inflated expense.
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