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Gallipoli at Te Papa

Posted by helen 
Gallipoli at Te Papa
June 04, 2015 10:29AM
We took the children to Wellington for Queen's Birthday weekend and a highlight was the Gallipoli exhibition at Te Papa.
This is relatively new and is booked to run for 4 years.
If you get an opportunity or can create one over this time then I would urge you to go.
It is extraordinary, the figures are so life like that every bead of perspiration is there along with hair follicles etc...
I felt emotionally exhausted by the end and we are all still raving about it.

This photo gives a glimpse of the magnitude of the figures.

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Re: Gallipoli at Te Papa
June 04, 2015 12:37PM
My son went in it's first week with his day programme, and he loved it too! We are planning to go later in the year, and see it over a couple of days, because I think it is quite intense and better to spread it out. I do think Te Papa is one of those things that kiwis tend to under-rate.
Re: Gallipoli at Te Papa
June 06, 2015 11:40PM
We were at this exhibition on Anzac Day, it seemed even more poingnant to be there then. We queued for well over an hour to get in, but were awestruck. A friend said to me that she found the size of the figures grotesque, but I think that was a calculated decision to make them stand out in our minds. Almost like "Don't forget me". The air conditioning was making a slight breeze and the hairs on the arm of one figure were gently moving, it was chilling in it's reality.

Well worth a visit.

After that we walked up to the National War Museum where there was a laser light display of WW1 images playing on the outside of the building.

What a memory making way to celebrate the centennial.
Re: Gallipoli at Te Papa
June 07, 2015 07:23AM
Thank you ladies for sharing this. I am guilty of not taking a lot of interest in what is currently happening at Te Papa. I was last down there six years ago and enjoyed the experience and now my grandchildren are going to Wellington in July.I have told them about what you have written here and they are really looking forward to seeing the Gallipoli Exhibition.Word of mouth like this often means a lot more than newspaper articles, so I am also very keen to see it myself.Thanks again.
Re: Gallipoli at Te Papa
June 08, 2015 01:23AM
Ali that is interesting that your friend found the figures grotesque, I can't even slightly understand that.

I agree with your perception that it made them stand out.
I get tears in my eyes simply from telling people about it and our children (10, 12, 13 and 19) were captivated as well.
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