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Posted by Lorna 
August 24, 2016 11:16PM
Is the spam reporting feature not working on Foodlovers? I've reported several spam postings in both Foodtalk and Non-Foodie Chat over the last few days and they're all still there. Particularly bad were the two postings in the Salmon thread on the Foodie Forum.
Re: Spam
August 25, 2016 06:45AM
I could be wrong, Lorna, but I suspect there is no automatic spam clearance or anything, just Helen removing the posts by hand, and she may not have had time.
Re: Spam
August 25, 2016 07:28AM
Hi Lorna, thanks for pointing this out.
It seems the link is broken as while I do this manually I do get an email prompt and haven't over these.
I will get this fixed and thank you so much for being vigilant, I really appreciate it.
Re: Spam
August 25, 2016 09:27AM
Not spam related but sometimes I see a header at the top of the page, am about to click on it and suddenly have a feeling it is more one of those internet placements for a product or a firm I've had an email from or something I have googled and not one placed there by Helen and her team.

Is there any way to tell if it is a bona fide Foodlovers' header? Some are reasonably obvious but not all.
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