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Waste free schools

Posted by IngridO 
Waste free schools
August 25, 2016 05:11AM
My son's school has recently adopted a waste free school policy which means kids need to bring their lunches in re-usable packages etc. Its great to see schools getting on board, however alll his waste used to come back home anyway in his lunchbox! so I'm not sure if its about teaching the kids or actually reducing school waste.

I was surprised to note that mandarin skins weren't allowed - the worms (worm farm) don't like em

It was hard to start with, but now that we have been doing it a few weeks - its just habit, and my son always checks his lunch and tells me if I've done something wrong

Its interesting how we have all these initiatives and learn about recycling etc but we live in the worst era for producing so much waste....surely the easier route is to stop companies producing stuff that isn't recyclable ?
Re: Waste free schools
August 25, 2016 11:43PM
Sounds like a good initiative even if its not completely about the kids. Keep us posted on how it pans out.
Re: Waste free schools
August 29, 2016 04:02AM
Many schools have had this policy in place for a number of years. It is to teach children and to reduce the cost to schools of getting rid of rubbish. It is quite a difficult thing to work with both for staff and parents but we all keep trying.
Re: Waste free schools
August 29, 2016 06:05AM
I find it slightly alarming that they're telling you what you can and cannot package your child's lunch in. Personally I don't use plastic wrap or bags in lunches and rarely use pre-packaged food, but the principle of the intrusion bothers me. They can recommend all they want, but nothing more than that. And just to check on my understanding - the school is telling parents they're not allowed to send mandarins in a school lunch because the worms won't eat the skins?! If that is the case, that is seriously over the line.

I've not known primary school life without having all lunch rubbish come home in the lunch box - and that I can cope with, mostly. What frustrates me is on the odd occasion when they have had a lunch order and a half eaten pie and dribbly chocolate milk box get thrown in the school bag with everything else. Yes, I have included a plastic bag with a request to please put the leftovers in there, but there aren't that many young boys who are going to be able to follow that request at the critical moment when all they care about is getting to the favoured play spot before everyone else.

As far as stopping companies producing non-recyclable stuff -- the most effective way to do that is for consumer appetites to change and for the consumer to demand it. That's when the companies will listen, until then it likely only be a few forward thinking organisations that take the leap.
Re: Waste free schools
August 30, 2016 11:43AM
What do you use to package up the lunch then? I know theres something called bees wrap that apparently keeps food fresh.
I think the mandarin skin mush come home rather than not send them to school - we have a worm farm (at work) and they don't like citrus so the staff are trained to not put citrus there. LOL we are all teachers, the kids are probably easier to train...

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