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Thoughts on best type of closets

Posted by carol palmer 
Thoughts on best type of closets
October 26, 2016 12:41PM
I am planning on getting quotes from few closet companies. I am a resident of Vancouver. I am confused as to selecting the best closet among walk-in, reach-in, linen and custom closet. I have had a talk with various companies like the lancaster closet manufacturing vaughan . But I would like to get suggestions as to which type of closet would be more efficient in decluttering my already congested house. Please chime in with your suggestions and experiences. Thanks in advance.
Re: Thoughts on best type of closets
October 26, 2016 10:11PM
If I had a choice it would be a walk-in wardrobe. There would be a section on one side with two rails, one above the other, for short clothes such as skirts and blouses, etc. There would be a smaller section for longer clothes, such as dresses, long coats, etc. Make sure any rails are set far enough away from the walls to allow a coat-hanger to actually be able to hung on the rail without touching the wall. I have seen one where the rail was a couple of inches too close to the wall and a coat-hanger just would not fit.

There would be a stacked shelved section or two, preferably made of sturdy coated wire shelves to allow air circulation. Use them for storing shoes near the bottom, jumpers, cardigans etc higher up. Utilise the very top of the cupboard with long overhead shelves that possibly need a stepping stool to access them. The stool should be a folding one that can be stored in the cupboard against a wall. These top shelves are handy for little used items. If you can open the door without the back of it being too close to the hanging clothes, you could have a line of hanging hooks to store your handbags.

The light should be one that operates either on a timer or that is switched off automatically when the door is closed. Leaving a light on in an enclosed space can be wasteful of power and could overheat the confined space. If you have a built-in ventilation system in your home, make sure a vent to the roof space is included.

This being a New Zealand website, I have no experience of what styles are available in Canada, nor of what is in fashion Canada.

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Re: Thoughts on best type of closets
October 27, 2016 06:41AM
Thank you Lorna for your valuable suggestions. I would like to go ahead with walk-in cabinets and would definitely keep in mind all that you said about the rails.
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