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We have mice!

Posted by Sandy 
We have mice!
November 05, 2016 07:45AM
Our 2 cats have each brought a mouse inside recently on two separate occasions and let them go. I wish they would kill them but unfortunately not. Now we can't find them. We have two different types of traps baited with peanut butter but haven't caught them. I now have mouse droppings in the kitchen cupboards!
Has anyone some ideas of how to catch them? I'm getting desperate!
Re: We have mice!
November 05, 2016 10:02AM
So that's where our mice went!

We never replaced our cat who died around 6-7 years ago and until recently we never had any problem. I was horrified to find signs of mice a few weeks ago. Our compost bin is well away from the house.

Firstly we tried mouse traps; the baits (peanut butter and cheese) were taken but no mice were caught in the traps. We then tried different traps with the same result. Finally we resorted to pellets in a couple of different areas. It took a couple of nights but fingers crossed, the pellets were effective as there have been no signs since.

With cats in the house you would have to be very careful where you place the pellets. Most cats are well fed and aren't catching the mice for food.
Re: We have mice!
November 05, 2016 09:43PM
In early September I had my beautiful Burmese put to sleep 2 days before his 18th birthday. He was a great mouser; he'd catch them, bring them home and leave them outside his cat-flap, dead. He learnt very early in his life that I didn't like him bringing them in. I never had a mouse in the house.

Four weeks ago a little black mouse ran across my lounge floor. I set two traps on the route the mouse was taking between the kitchen and the drapes in the lounge. They didn't catch it. So I bit the bullet and got myself another cat. She's a 'rescue' cat, about 4 years old who was found with a litter of kittens in an orchard in Tauranga. I've had Misty for 4 weeks and haven't seen a sign of the mouse since. I don't think she caught it, but I do think the mouse 'moved out' very soon after Misty moved in.
Re: We have mice!
November 05, 2016 10:12PM
Sandy as much as I don't like using poison I did put out bait during the winter as they were ignoring the traps.
I found bait with a bit of peanut butter smeared on it worked pretty quickly.
Re: We have mice!
November 05, 2016 11:03PM
We had our first 'inside' mice this year ever. I invested in 2 of these electronic devices from Pestrol (not spam smiling smiley )

They work! I have seen them used in a commercial facility, which has now been mouse free for a good couple of years. And my son lives in a rural setting and he is mice free finally.

Also I prefer these to bait/poisons, as they are not selective as to where they choose to die. No chance of getting a moggy in this house - our canine diva would have her nose and paws out of joint.
Re: We have mice!
November 06, 2016 01:39AM
I had been considering putting poison bait down but had not been keen. I think I will give it a go.
I've always been sceptical of the electronic devices but then never having anyone say they had used them, it's a rather unfounded judgement.
Re: We have mice!
November 06, 2016 04:12AM
All winter I had what I thought was one mouse inside my house.I had a plastic type of spring trap which I had used for many years and it used to work well with peanut butter in it.I put the trap down by my washing machine where I had seen it running and another one of the same type down by my fridge.For two days in a row I was topping up the trap by my washing machine every half hour because the mouse was taking the bait and getting away every time.I tried putting the peanut butter right at the back and on all different angles but nothing worked.I was fed up by now and went to the warehouse and brought two new traps.They are called Easy Trap Catcha Mouse Trap.I got the plastic types(2)in a pack.Sorry I don't know how to enable you to click straight on to the product that you all can do.I only have basic computer skills.With these traps they have a sunken hole for the bait to go in and the mouse has to stand on the trap properly to get the peanut butter out.I filled the traps and put one by the fridge and one by the washing machine. I left the house for an hour and when I got back both traps had a mouse.There were two of them.One was big and fat which could have been male the other was smaller.I now wonder if they do go in twos.I haven't had a mouse since to try my traps again, they are excellent.I also have a cat who was quite happy for the mice to live inside,as it was said cats are too well fed.Try these traps Sandy I think that my old grey ones had lost their snappiness but these worked for me.
Re: We have mice!
November 06, 2016 06:44AM
We haven't had mice in our house since we moved in, but previously we lived in the country and had a yearly attempt at colonisation...swiftly put to rest by our little terrierist. Sniff, snuff, snap, one dead mouse with a broken neck, all ready to be put in the rubbish. Our two old lady cats couldn't care less about mice though/
Re: We have mice!
November 09, 2016 05:37AM
Use those poison for mice
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