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Revisiting Pain Relief

Posted by Lorna 
Revisiting Pain Relief
January 06, 2017 08:48AM
I have been having quite a bit of pain in my shoulder and upper arm due to a badly strained muscle and take the occasional Parafast tablet (about twice a week) when I feel really weary from the pain that disturbs my sleep. I've been looking at those ads for Pain Erazor and have tried looking up some independent reviews but I can't find any. I did find an old thread on here from back in 2008 for the Pain Gone brand and while the discussion was inconclusive, one or two of the users of similar items reported that they swear by them.

Has anyone here been brave enough to try the Pain Erazor? If so, is it effective? And what about the cost; I'm thinking it will be around $100 - am I correct? Would you recommend it? I would value your opinion(s) please.
Re: Revisiting Pain Relief
January 07, 2017 02:29AM
Quite a few reviews here Lorna - called Pain Gone on Amazon. []
Re: Revisiting Pain Relief
January 07, 2017 05:04AM
Thank you Kone. I googled only Pain Erazor, NZ so didn't get the British results for the Pain Gone brand. Suppose I should ring the NZ 0800 number to find out the cost.
Re: Revisiting Pain Relief
January 07, 2017 05:46AM
Lorna, I am wondering whether the pain in your upper arm and shoulder could be caused by a rotator cuff injury.

I have had two of those, years apart. One on the left side and another, more recently, on the right side. The pain would bring tears to my eyes, so I can imagine how you must feel. Yes, the pain was worse in bed when I was sleepy or sleeping and didn't have the same control over my body movements.

In each case I was given a cortisone injection, the first being given in the surgery by my GP. The second one I had after weeks of physiotherapy and then with consultation between the physiotherapist and my GP. That was given along with an ultra sound procedure. How times change.
In both cases that was the only thing that allowed the injuries to heal, while I was as pain-free as possible.

I have seen the advertising for that product you mentioned and would be interested to know whether anyone else can tell us their experience with it.
Re: Revisiting Pain Relief
January 07, 2017 08:13PM
Well, I've bitten the bullet and ordered the Pain Erazor on a 30 day trial. If it works for me, I'll be happy to pay the extra to keep it; if it doesn't work for me, I haven't lost too much. Judging by some of the reviews, it didn't work for a few, but most said it worked very well.
Re: Revisiting Pain Relief
January 07, 2017 10:15PM
If your pain continues and is going to be an ongoing problem due to long term/permanent tissue damage, you may wish to consider PRP (platelet rich plasma) treatment. You don't say you have a rotator cuff injury but, following Marnie's mention of it, you can see the effects here of PRP treatment on such an injury []

PRP treatment is expensive and not Govt funded but I can personally recommend it as an option worth trying, especially if pain is ruining your life or doctors are starting to talk about surgery. Years ago, one PRP treatment injection cured chronic (10+ years) iliopsoas tendonitis in my right hip.
Re: Revisiting Pain Relief
January 08, 2017 04:01AM
Lorna, I also wondered if the cause is rotator cuff injury. If so I can sympathise with you. I had it recently and wouldn't want it again. I had the cortisone injection with ultra sound and it really was wonderful.
Re: Revisiting Pain Relief
January 14, 2017 10:00AM
Hello Lorna
I am looking forward to hearing about your experience (hopefully beneficial) from using the pain erazor.
Re: Revisiting Pain Relief
January 14, 2017 08:41PM
Hi Stephanie, I've had the Pain Erazor for a few days now and must say I am impressed. It works well for me, giving me relief for around 6-8 hours each time I use it. I've been getting some good night's sleeps. I find if I use it right before going to bed I sleep for around 7 hours, which is great compared to the 1 1/2 to 2 hours at a time, then tossing and turning for a long while before more broken sleep that I was getting before.
Now it's just a matter of for how long the device works for the money ($159). In one place it says about 2 years but of course, the big pushy adds says for 'up to 10 years'. It's a case of 'wait and see'. Hopefully I won't need it for anywhere near that long.
Re: Revisiting Pain Relief
January 14, 2017 09:00PM
That's great to hear! Do you know what it is that the erazor actually does? Many years ago I went to a chiropractor who used a 'clicky thing' on my neck. Possibly an early version of this device. May you continue to get relief, Lorna. Both of us here have rotator cuff tears and occasional episodes of severe pain. I've had several cortisone injections over the years which quieten it down. The erazor might be a good investment.
Re: Revisiting Pain Relief
January 15, 2017 09:22PM
Stephanie, this is taken straight from the website:
"It works by means of pressure exerted on a quartz crystal, which results in a tiny electric charge. The Pain Erazor naturally stimulates your body's endorphin's, nature’s own painkillers, to send real pain relief - right where you need it."

Here is the link just in case you want to find out more about it: []
Re: Revisiting Pain Relief
February 15, 2017 07:10AM
Hi Lorna,I have had a call from a friend who was thinking about trying the pain erazor.Are you still happy with it? I told her how I have heard about it and it was so far so good last time you posted.A little tempted myself but I will wait for your verdict thanks.
Re: Revisiting Pain Relief
February 15, 2017 09:48PM
Hi Marylew, yes, I'm happy with it. I just wish the 'free' book wasn't included. While quite interesting, it's an unnecessary extra expense. Without it, the price of the Pain Erazor could be reduced. C'est la vie!
Re: Revisiting Pain Relief
February 16, 2017 01:14AM
Thanks Lorna sounds good.
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