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Posted by PatMac 
February 23, 2017 05:39AM
I have to use up about 200 pts from flybuys before the 7 March and I am thinking that I would like to buy 2 x Chelsea Winter Cookbooks. Looked online for reviews of all her four books, but cannot make up my mind as to which two I should purchase. Thinking of - At My Table published 2013 and maybe Scrumptious
2016 publication, but as I say not 100% sure.

Has anyone got any of her books, which titles would you recommend?

I rate myself as an experienced cook.

Thank you in Advance!

Re: Flybuys.....
February 24, 2017 05:36AM
I have Homemade Happiness and Scrumptious. I enjoy both of them for tasty food that everyone enjoys. I know that I will have whatever I need in the house. I have made the Iced Lemon parfait from Scumptious all summer long. My friend borrowed Scrumptious so many times from her library that her husband bought it for her for Christmas.

I too am a very experienced cook and have come full circle realising that most people love homely food that is full of flavour. Gone are the days when I spend the entire day in the kitchen preparing dinner for company. It's us they have come to see.

I am sure you won't regret whatever books you choose.
Re: Flybuys.....
February 24, 2017 07:15AM
My daughter has three of these books and recommends Home Made Happiness and Scrumptious.Like Ali W she knows that she will have the ingredients in her pantry.She loves these books and has worked her way through nearly every recipe.She didn't enjoy At My Table as much.Her words were "Chelsea's books seem to get better as she produces them".
Re: Flybuys.....
February 26, 2017 06:29AM
I would also say Homemade Happiness and Scrumptious, I agree Chelsea's books seem to get better each time.
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