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Nailed It!

Posted by Irene Field 
Nailed It!
July 19, 2018 12:42AM
I had the grandies here last weekend, and due to atrocious weather they had periods of watching Netflix Kids programs. Well they came upon this 'cooking' show called Nailed It, which I can thoroughly recommend as great family viewing. It had us all in fits of laughter, and we ended up watching both seasons over the 3 days the girls were here.

The show's premise is that 3 contestants have to not only bake but also copy a decorated cake/cookie/doughnuts, eg one was a standing cake of Trump The 3 contestants have to make the cake and decorate it and to have it look like the professionally presented one. The results are hilarious as the contestants are your average baker, or some with no baking skills! Add to the mix a hilarious female host and a French noted chef (never heard of him), and a guest judge - and it is well worth watching for light entertainment.
Re: Nailed It!
July 19, 2018 07:46AM
Thanks Lorna sounds like I might like it just for myself on a wet day.
Re: Nailed It!
July 20, 2018 12:00AM
LynV, thank you for the compliment, but it belongs to Irene! winking smiley
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