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Clamping/Towing Cars

Posted by helen 
Clamping/Towing Cars
July 24, 2018 08:00AM
Early this morning I went to order my visa for China from their office at 630 Great South Rd Auckland.
I see the sign pointing to the Visa Office so park in front of it and walk along to the office.
10 minutes later my daughter phones me in a panic saying that the car is being loaded onto a tow truck.
I have mistakenly parked in the incorrect visitor's park.
As I walk out the guy authorising the towing shouts "$150 or its gone". Obviously I pay.
I then leave Daisy with the keys to drive up and hover for the few remaining minutes it takes to process my application. While she is hovering the guy (from Almagamated Parking) threatens to give her another infringement for unauthorised parking.
Another visitor tells her that this is common and he has had is car towed.
Over the minutes that Daisy is there she sees at least 4 other cars clamped and the tow truck is pulling in as we leave.
The guy from Almagamated Parking is just circulating in his vehicle waiting to clamp.
The area is busy from 9-11 with people visiting the Chinese Embassy. Street parking is limited.
Is there really a need to be quite so aggressive?

I also shared this on my facebook page and within a few minutes found that the same had happened to another friend at the same place.
I really think they are there to target visitors to the Visa Centre - most of which are Chinese....
Re: Clamping/Towing Cars
July 25, 2018 02:00AM
I think it is high time that misleading signs regarding parking and a host of other things need to be under close scrutiny.
I know the towing company employees have a job to do (maybe they need to take a leaf out of the police officers' book, regarding diplomacy) but frequent parking breaches from innocent people should be an alert that something is very wrong. Unless I am very wrong,I also hear you regarding your last sentence
I'd be seething too.
Re: Clamping/Towing Cars
July 25, 2018 03:27AM
Sounds like money is key here.

Similar situation - there's a fire hydrant (yellow lid in the road) placed in our local shopping centre where, inevitably, many people park on or too near it every day. The fairly unknown or forgotten rule is don't park on a fire hydrant or within half a metre of one unless someone stays in the car and is able to move the car if the fire hydrant needs to be used. This fire hydrant became an easy instant $40 fine for the Council parking warden. The situation was bad enough that a business nearby put a sign up warning their customers not to park on/near the fire hydrant. When I was told about the problem, I approached the Council and asked for additional marking, which they're going to do.

In such situations, someone or a group of people need to be really proactive in getting the problem remedied.
Re: Clamping/Towing Cars
July 25, 2018 07:04AM
Clampers and aggressive parking companies are an increasing problem in Auckland. The AA had been lobbying for some time to have the industry regulated and/or clamping banned.

Something, anything, has got to be done be done about these companies and their tactics. There should need to be very large and obvious signage about any parking restrictions that may result in towing or clamping. Some of the signs I've seen are tiny and appear to be deliberately placed in hard to see locations. Hovering like that shouldn't be allowed either.
Re: Clamping/Towing Cars
July 30, 2018 04:02AM
Helen, that's been going on for years - I went to China in 2008 and it was exactly the same then. Imagine how much money they've made out of it. I'm amazed you got out of the office so quickly though! When I was there it was a turn up before they open or wait for hours situation.
Re: Clamping/Towing Cars
July 30, 2018 05:35AM
Targeting that address featured on TV earlier this year, cant remember if it was the news or a programme like Fair Go.
Re: Clamping/Towing Cars
July 31, 2018 04:02AM
Carolyn that is crazy that after all these years people are still making the same mistakes. I obviously haven't paid attention to any news on this.
Interestingly I went to pick up my visa yesterday (walked this time) and 5 minutes before the office open the Almagamated parking person drove into the park and immediately clamped a wheel and started getting others. i had told the people I was in line with to move but not sure many of them understood me. sad smiley
Re: Clamping/Towing Cars
July 31, 2018 04:42AM
Helen, it is so well known that we as Travel Agents have been warned to notify customers getting their own visas for China from the Consulate. It has been an ongoing problem for a very long time
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