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Feet Issues

Posted by Vanessa45 
Feet Issues
September 03, 2018 01:31AM
Apologies for gross topic but...

I need advice. Im plagued by both ingrown toe nails (and one is now infected) and a fungal toe nail infection.

Ive tried the over the counter cream that takes AGES to work and seem to be getting no where .

Any solutions or advice? Im off to get antibiotics for the toe today as its just one big red throbbing toe of pain!

Just to add to that I get cracked heels often that is quite painful.

Re: Feet Issues
September 03, 2018 08:11AM
A big heel file, keep the excess skin on your heels ground down, and use a heel balm of some sort. I don't have this problem but my husband does.

You can take antifungal tablets for the fungal nails, but I recall once my Dr mentioning they were very hard on the liver, so she only prescribed them in more serious cases. Perhaps something to ask your Dr about?

Perhaps make an appt with a podiatrist?

I had a chronically ingrown toenail as a teen and had it cut out when I was 16. It was horribly painful at the time, but, since I don't have that edge of my nail bed any more, I never had an issue with it again.
Re: Feet Issues
September 03, 2018 09:53AM
Like Jenna I had my nails cut out on my big toes when I was a teenager . They were constantly bleeding and infected before the surgery. I do have fairly ugly big toes now but that is better than the pain I had for years prior to getting it done.
My husband had tablets for his fungal nails and once he had finished the course they have never returned, touch wood, it was a good few years ago now.

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Re: Feet Issues
September 03, 2018 12:45PM
Vanessa, you could try tea tree oil - it works against both bacteria and fungus.
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