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Kitchen Tap

Posted by Chris 
Kitchen Tap
September 19, 2018 04:15AM
I am hoping for some sound advice from you. My pull-out kitchen tap gave up its ghost last night. Something inside broke and a replacement can't be found. Actually I am not unhappy that we have to buy a new one because the old one gave me grief from the word go. Whenever I turned the tap to the right sink, it would slowly make its way towards the middle and then the stream of water would hit the 'wall' between the two sinks or settle above this divider (about 4 cm wide) and spray in all directions. I would have to shove it back and the same thing would happen again. There is a weight attached to the hose that comes out under the sink but with or without this weight, the problem persisted - so good riddance!!! I got a few brochures from the local plumbing shop and quite a few taps have this pull-out function which I actually really appreciated and I would like to have again. However, if they all function with a hose and weight (which is supposed to keep the hose steady and doesn't work in my case), then I won't buy and will get an ordinary goose-neck type tap. I am sure many of you will have pull-out taps and I would be interested in your opinion and if you have encountered this specific problem. Mine is a Kohler (?) brand. And yes, my finances are limited and paying over $1,000 for a kitchen tap is not in my budget. I would love to hear from you. My local plumbing shop is in the middle of alterations and there is nothing properly on display right now. I don't want to drive over to Queenstown or Cromwell for the tap as I will have to get a new tap reasonably promptly. Many thanks for your thoughts.

Edited to say the brand I have is Dorf.

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Re: Kitchen Tap
September 19, 2018 11:08AM
Update: Managed to get a really nice looking Hans Grohe tap which is of the pull-out type and also has a spray function which will be good for washing veggies. I am pleased.

Edited to add that there should not be the annoying movement that annoyed me so much.

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