Christmas Cards. What do you do?
November 30, 2018 09:01AM
In earlier years I used to spend ages choosing, writing and sending Christmas cards. For various reasons the numbers have fallen.

Yesterday I wanted New Zealand cards to send overseas. I may have been having a bad hair day but I was disappointed with what I found. Eventually I bought 4 and also relevant postage stamps. They cost me over $32. I still have to buy some more.

I can see why more and more choose not to send snail mail cards and choose an internet option, if they decide to send anything at all. Sometimes I send a personalised Christmas email. I also subscribe to the Jacquie Lawson site, which is another option. I was also thinking of taking photos and having them made into cards.

I would like to hear some other ideas.
Re: Christmas Cards. What do you do?
December 01, 2018 01:05AM
When I was buying my first computer (back in 1995), the shopkeeper asked why I wanted one. I hadn't really thought about it, not really knowing what they could do, so I said I wanted to make my own greeting cards. He suggested I buy the CorelPrint software and it was wonderful. There were 3 CDs with all sorts of pictures, frames, backgrounds, embellishments, etc and I had a few good years of making my own cards. Sadly, that programme is now obsolete but I'm sure there must be a lot of stuff online to make your own cards. How much more personal can you get?? Another benefit is you can do it throughout the year, for any occasion, when you have the time and inclination.
Re: Christmas Cards. What do you do?
December 09, 2018 08:19AM
Thanks, Lorna. I used to make a lot of cards, particularly for birthdays. I agree about them being personal.
Sorry for the delay in response.
Re: Christmas Cards. What do you do?
December 12, 2018 12:29PM
I also made cards using Hallmark software, don’t think they are available now.
I then made hand made cards going to a card making class which I enjoyed.
I now would like some way of doing them again on myPC, but does anyone know of any available programmes?
Re: Christmas Cards. What do you do?
December 12, 2018 09:02PM
Here's an article, the latest update being November 2018, that investigated the best greeting card software. The very first review, and the only one I looked at, was $27.95 but that's probably in US dollars. However, that's quite cheap for what you get.

Just noticed, it from Amazon and it says they don't ship to NZ, but you could search it and see if any other suppliers have it in stock & ship to NZ.

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Re: Christmas Cards. What do you do?
December 13, 2018 01:35AM
If Amazon doesn’t deliver to New Zealand you can use NZ Post YouShop and get delivered to their warehouse in the States. They will send it on to you for a fee. Well worthwhile we have found over the years.
Re: Christmas Cards. What do you do?
December 13, 2018 11:12PM
Hallmark's software is also available as a download which gets around the postage to NZ problem. It's available from Hallmark's own site:

Re: Christmas Cards. What do you do?
December 14, 2018 12:55AM
Thanks Lorna I’ll check it out.
I’m actually living In Melbourne now.
Re: Christmas Cards. What do you do?
December 21, 2018 12:45AM
I like Marnie spent hours, writing notes/letters to enclose in my Christmas Cards. I have stopped sending them now. Too expensive what with postage etc. Now I just put a 'Christmas Image' on to Facebook. Cheating I suppose, but oh so much easier, and stress free!
Re: Christmas Cards. What do you do?
December 21, 2018 04:08AM
Apart from three cards I will keep on sending I, like PatMac have given up on sending cards. I will call family o r friends to wish them a merry Christmas and I also send a few electronic cards from a free website that has no advertising attached and is reputable and safe to use. With postage having gone up again and good quality and tasteful cards getting quite expensive I’ve decided to change my approach.
Re: Christmas Cards. What do you do?
December 21, 2018 05:18AM
We were discussing this with friends a couple of nights ago and I was surprised that very few now send hand written cards via snail mail. A variety of reasons but mostly because of time and cost. One said she always phones the people to whom she would have once sent a paper card. Several said they send a Christmassy greeting with a brief letter by email.
I have received a few sent using private messaging on facebook and I have returned them using the same system.
I used the Jacquie Lawson note card system, which is a card but not an animated card. I had a call from a cousin who said she had received one from me but said it had no message in it!! I know I wrote a message, I did wonder if she hadn't used the down arrow to see the message. Fortunately she has a sense of humour..
I have received very few standard cards, one arrived today. The one I send to them will be just that little bit late!!
Chris, are you able to share the site that that has no advertising attached, please?
Re: Christmas Cards. What do you do?
December 21, 2018 06:33AM
Marnie, google It's a German site but when you get into it click on the American or English flag on the right towards the top and it changes the language. As I said, it's free (unless you want to become a Premier user) no ads, your recipients don't get bombarded and no nasties. I've used it for many years. You can create an address book and also get birthday alerts. Also, you can choose your font style, font colour and lay-out. Also, after I have done the message, I change font size and style and write any news I might like to add. The card just expands and you can write as much as you like. The 'send' button/space is towards the middle right at the bottom. That got changed recently and I fluffed about trying to find it. Do give it a try. I don't think you'll need help but if you do, send me a PM.
Re: Christmas Cards. What do you do?
December 21, 2018 09:42PM
Thank you so much for that, Chris. I will certainly give it a go...when I have a few spare minutes.
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