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Should I laugh or cry!

Posted by Ali W 
Should I laugh or cry!
December 10, 2018 07:33AM
I swap Christmas presents with a workmate and because she appreciates and admires what I do, I like to make a special effort for her. This year I decided to make and gift her a whole Panforte.

Down to Vetro for the very best ingredients - bake the cake in November so it can mature. Then wrap and decorate as beautifully as I can.

We swapped gifts last week and this morning she came to see me looking very sheepish. She needed to tell me something and could we go somewhere private. My heart was pounding and I was anxious for the news I was about to get.

At the weekend my friend was outside when her husband came wandering along with a scrap of gold paper with a bedraggled red bow attached. “Do you know what this is from?”. Oh yes...the dog had got the parcel and eaten the whole lot! She had placed it carefully near the tree as it looked so pretty!

I feel sad for her as I have a wonderful present and she has none.

Oh and by the way, the dog is fine - in spite of inbibing a serious amount of chocolate.

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Re: Should I laugh or cry!
December 10, 2018 09:21AM
Oh Ali - from the outside looking in I'm laughing at your story, but if I was your friend the recipient I'd be crying and I don't even think I couldbring myself to tell you my dog had eaten it! She is such an honest workmate. smiling smiley
Re: Should I laugh or cry!
December 11, 2018 09:46PM
Oh the disappointment on both sides! I'm glad the dog is ok, it better have enjoyed the sneaky treat. What a lovely gift idea though, a good panforte is a true delight smiling smiley
Re: Should I laugh or cry!
December 12, 2018 12:26AM
Ali, I know I shouldn't smile. I am with Dawn on that one. Is it the cake recipe that Vetro published? I made that cake and I can tell you it is simply one of the best cakes I have ever made and normally I am not a big fan of Christmas fruit cakes.
Dogs will be dogs. We had one that ate the Sunday roast beef when I was a child. We dined on vegetables and gravy but the dog was happy.
Re: Should I laugh or cry!
December 12, 2018 01:13AM
Friends of mine left a large pork shoulder roast and assorted roast veg resting in the turned-off oven. Their beagle opened the oven door and ate the entire roast plus all of the veg except the parsnips.
Re: Should I laugh or cry!
December 12, 2018 05:01PM
Marnie...I use Dean Brettschneider's recipe with a good tablespoon of liquid glucose added to give it that flexibility which makes for easier eating.

TPANDAV - thanks for the laugh! Imagine that whole roast gone!

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Re: Should I laugh or cry!
December 14, 2018 01:32AM
Thanks Ali. I have one of Dean's books but I will do some research and see if I can find it.
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