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Small dishwasher

Posted by Vanessa45 
Small dishwasher
March 05, 2019 11:55PM
My dishwasher of about 18 years has a leak! I live in a small apartment and have a half oven and half dishwasher. It totally drives me crazy as so compact but we make do.
Now I need a new dishwasher and have been told the smaller ones are very expensive as they arent in demand - probably the same with the oven.

Im contemplating somehow fitting a normal size of both and sacrificing the cupboard space.

Has anyone done this? OR Does anyone know where to get cheaper appliances from in unusual "small" sizes?

Re: Small dishwasher
March 06, 2019 08:04PM
Vanessa, if you get a full-size dishwasher, how long will it take you to fill it? I have a single dish-drawer and wash the dishes evey 2nd day.. If I had a bigger one, I'd run out of dishes, cutlery, etc. I think the half dish-washer is excellent value.

As for my range/oven, I generally only use the hot plates - the oven is too big and too expensive to run. I store some of my kitchen ware in it. For roasting, rotisseries, baking, etc I have a Breville Bench Top oven and love it. It's cheap to run and is big enough to rotisserie a whole chicken or bake half a dozen muffins. It does come with 2 shelves and 3 different heights in the oven, but the top shelf is only for grilling and using the middle and lower shelves at the same time requires the items being cooked to be swapped around for even cooking. Because my kitchen is so small and bench space is limited, I have the Bench Top oven sitting on top of my washing machine in the laundry.
Re: Small dishwasher
March 11, 2019 07:00AM
Yes very good points about running a regular size oven and dishwasher.

I would run out of dishes and probably end up running it half full!

I would use a big oven as I like to cook up roasts with veges on a separate tray ect and do find the half size one too small - if only there was a 3/4 version of both.

I also use my BBQ - Webber so really dont need to be spending more on an oven.

Im really over doing the dishes by hand though - I feel like its all I ever do and its never done as I cant stand drying them and putting them away - arghhhh!

Re: Small dishwasher
March 11, 2019 09:22AM
Don't run the dishwasher until it's full? That is why God invented extra dinnerplates smiling smiley
Re: Small dishwasher
March 11, 2019 11:31AM
Ha Ha Ive got such a small place Ive really REALLY minimised everything! (well getting there ;-) )

When it comes to cooking and kitchen cleaning, I do miss having regular sized things and yes in an idea world I'd have lots of space for extra things...

One day

Re: Small dishwasher
March 22, 2019 11:12PM
I don't know if you were thinking of going this small, but I've been eyeing up the following dishwasher: []

Noel Leeming and Betta Electrical have it for about $650-$730. The above website includes a full instruction manual so you can read it and see if it would suit you. I would buy it in a heartbeat but I don't have the space in my kitchen at all. I'm currently racking my brains as to how I can make it work.
Re: Small dishwasher
March 23, 2019 12:12AM
Noel Leeming have a Trieste freestanding 45 cm dishwasher. I've had one for years, I run it every day.
Sorry, not sure how to do a link, but if you search on their website for 45 cm dishwashers you'll find it.
I think Trieste is an offshoot of Indesit.
Re: Small dishwasher
April 28, 2019 11:28AM
Okay, I succumbed and bought myself a teeny tiny dishwasher, that I'm absolutely rapt with. I've attached a picture of it. It's perfect for me because it doesn't need to be plumbed in, which is one of the restrictions that I had. It's a Midea Mini Dishwasher and is small enough to fit on a set of office drawers, so I didn't have to sacrifice any bench space. To add to the perfection, it was on special offer!
open | download - IMG_20190428_093958996-1737x2316.jpg (572.2 KB)
Re: Small dishwasher
May 21, 2019 11:53AM
Thanks for your suggestions guys, they are fabulous BUT sadly I need one that fits under the very small oven to look right and get a good, snug fit.

Thats why there isnt much give in the price as no competition for that particular size!
Id love to remodel things but like mentioned earlier - I dont really need a full one and would end up running it half full!
The Trieste looks great and is actually the city my dad was born in but although slim, way to tall.
The Midea Mini Dishwasher is super cool! Its just the wrond shape too
The Compact 55cm White Benchtop Dishwasher D3203DW might fit, Im going to remeasure and try my luck.

Thanks so much
Re: Small dishwasher
May 21, 2019 02:57PM
We lived in a place for a short time that had a half size (tall and narrow) dishwasher. I think it was a Mitre10 brand? It was fine, it washed dishes, just not very many at a time... but if you're not cooking for 6 it isn't a problem. The issue we ran into was it was a crap dishwasher in general, not because of the size but because of the brand. If you can find one that is works good enough you should be fine. Perhaps if you're having trouble deciding, go with the one with the longer warranty.
Re: Small dishwasher
May 23, 2019 08:59AM
What I really need is one that fits in the specific space and isnt silly dollars! In the meantime I will keep washing by hand....
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