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Colour Run On fabric.

Posted by marylew 
Colour Run On fabric.
April 18, 2019 07:07AM
I was soaking a cotton tee shirt in sard and forgot about it for a couple of days.There was red in the shirt which has run on to the white and grey parts of the shirt when I washed it, leaving pink marks. I have soaked it in white vinegar and water,poured a little hydrogen peroxide on and tried a paste of baking soda with vinegar.Nothing so far will move these pink spots.It doesn't belong to me hence my panic.Has anyone successfully removed such marks before?.Is there a safe bleach,I am to scared to try janola on the white bits in case it runs into the coloured bits.I would appreciate any advice thanks.
Re: Colour Run On fabric.
April 19, 2019 05:47AM
Marylew, there are products available that claim to remove colour runs and restore garments to their original glory- in fact Sard themselves make one available at Countdown. I have never had any experience with them so can't comment on how good they are. However, in my experience the more you fiddle with a stain trying different remedies, the more likely you are to set it into the fabric so perhaps worth giving a specialist colour run product a try.

Good luck!


Barbara Anne
Re: Colour Run On fabric.
April 19, 2019 07:47AM
Thanks Barbara Anne I had searched Countdown site already but never thought to type in colour run.It"s a reasonable price too, I will buy some in the morning but I agree with you that I am setting this colour run in by experimenting.As it's a grand childs top I will try a couple more times then confess.Thanks very much.
Re: Colour Run On fabric.
April 19, 2019 08:22AM
Marylew. I have used the solution mentioned here by Suzy. My quilt top bled red and it was fixed by doing what is suggested. It seems quite harsh but it worked. My only reservation is that you undertake this by your own choice. I have never seen Dawn dishwashing liquid so used my usual brand.



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