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Healthpointe 2.0 Weight Loss Plan

Posted by Margaret 
Healthpointe 2.0 Weight Loss Plan
May 22, 2019 01:16AM
Has anyone used the above plan, or know someone who has?

I would be very interested in any feedback on this. I have read the instructions, and don't quite know whether it would work. The idea of eating nothing but protein for 3 days has me a bit worried.

Thanks, Margaret
Re: Healthpointe 2.0 Weight Loss Plan
May 22, 2019 02:19AM
I googled the programme and the first thing that came up was a site with reviews - mostly very bad. Seems to be a very expensive plan for what you get. I urge you to do plenty of research before committing yourself and spending a lot of money.

Edited to add that any programme that encourages a diet that cuts out whole food groups is not healthy.

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Re: Healthpointe 2.0 Weight Loss Plan
May 23, 2019 02:50AM
Margaret, if you want to try out low carb weight loss, there is no need to pay for a special plan. Just change your way of eating so that you cut right back on carbohydrates (25g net carbs per day maximum) and instead eat unprocessed whole foods like meat, fish, cheese, green veges, small quantities of red and orange veges, a few berries, cream, eggs, butter and olive oil. Avoid starchy vegetables and all sugar, bread, baked goods and sweets.

It's probably best to ease into it - the first week cut out sugar, desserts and baked goods, the second week also cut out starchy veges, the third week start tapering off bread. Make sure you get plenty of protein and wholesome fats.
Re: Healthpointe 2.0 Weight Loss Plan
May 23, 2019 10:30AM
Im often interested in new ideas in the weight loss industry but have come to the conclusion that all of them will work IF YOU STICK TO THEM. So that is the problem. What I believe we need to do is find a way of eating that works for us - whether it be low carb, fasting, smaller portions ect. Make sure most of the food is real - fruit, veg and meats, eggs, fish ect. I also believe that routine is key - mostly such as during the wee. I find I slip up when Im not organised, rushing around and making higher calorie choices.

Its an on going battle
Re: Healthpointe 2.0 Weight Loss Plan
May 24, 2019 06:25AM
Missed you recently Vanessa, but good to see you,back!

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