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Tennis elbow

Posted by CR 
Tennis elbow
October 22, 2004 10:48PM
The taps in my kitchen need the washers changing and I've given my self the most agonising tennis elbow contantly twisting them to stop the drips.
Any ideas how to treat myself?
I've taken an anti inflammatory this morning out of desperation, but know that is not the answer, (apart from getting the washers replaced).
Help!sad smiley
Raewyn G
Re: Tennis elbow
October 22, 2004 11:17PM
First thing on Tuesday morning........find a plumber. Sounds like it could be more than a washer and the tap may need reseating. Not a big job, but one for the professional.

To help your tennis elbow, it is important to isolate the muscle in your arm between wrist and elbow. Sounds weird I know but get an elastic bandage and get it on lickity split and you will notice a big change. I use an elastic gause type sleeve bandage that is usually used on legs. Chemist should sell it by the metre or length. With this and about 5 days anti-inflamitorys and perhaps a rub, that is what I have found very beneficial. Its a right pain, isn't it?

Hope you are much better very soon!!!!sad smiley
Raewyn G

Re: Tennis elbow
October 22, 2004 11:58PM
Just one addition to the Udder Raewyn's great advice - DON'T TAKE THE ANTIINFLAMMATORIES ON AN EMPTY STOMACH - and stop taking them if you develop gastric pain or signs of bleeding.

Once a nurse - always a nurse.

Best wishes for speedy recovery of you and your taps

Re: Tennis elbow
October 23, 2004 02:28AM
I suffered with tennis elbow (s) for years during my golfing days. My physio gave me a brace to wear just below the elbow which took the strain off the elbow. I needed this for playing bowls and also gardening. I had days when I couldn't even lift the phone. Hope yours dosen't get to this extreme. Good luck.
Re: Tennis elbow
October 23, 2004 06:42AM
Yes, like Nellie I used to wear a brace just below my elbow (as a result of lifting heavy bags of potting mixes). Certainly made a big difference. I've not had tennis elbow for years. I now lift heavy boxes and move heavy cages but have not had any need for my brace. Seek advice from a physio just in case you have torn something. Hope your elbow is fighting fit soon smiling smiley
Re: Tennis elbow
October 25, 2004 10:22AM
Hey - many thanks for the above - have just been diagnosed with tennis elbow having had this extremely sore right arm for months - pain on lifting even a cup of coffee and pain when straightening arm.

Was offered injections - will try elastic bandage. Pain is not unbearable, except when I forget, as I did yesterday and tried to lift empty tray with right hand! Work in a hospital - at least I do until 5th November when I retire and will sign off as don't have internet access at home.

Have enjoyed so much reading the forums and learning more and more about NZ.

Jane in King's Lynn, England
Re: Tennis elbow
October 25, 2004 09:20PM
Hi Jane
I hope the arm soon feels better, it takes a long time and lots of rest.
I think when you retire you will have to get an internet set up at home as we will miss your posts and you will sure miss this site.
It is fun to log on each day and hear all the things that eveyone is doing.
Have a very happy retirement.
Cheers Pat
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