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National Geographic

Posted by Johanna 
National Geographic
October 26, 2004 09:21PM
I want to subscribe to this publication but can't find it in any shops nor on the web. I understand that current subscribers receive a little subscription leaflet in with the publication. Can some one have a look at it for me and see if there is a website, or at least a telephone number? Thanks in advance.
Re: National Geographic
October 26, 2004 09:29PM


Re: National Geographic
October 26, 2004 10:18PM
Hi Johanna, here's a link to a NZ website for subscribing to the magazine: []

Also, the insert in my old National Geo mags (I last got them in 2001) is addressed to Freepost 4734, National Geographic Society, PO Box 798, Auckland. The fee for a 12-month sub is listed as NZ$65, the same as the price on the above website. The form asks for your name, address, and payment by "bill me", or "cheque for NZ$____ is enclosed, payable to National Geographic Society", or "Charge my __ Visa __ Mastercard. Account No.__ Expiration Date:__ Signature___"

Be aware that when you unsubscribe, they will hound you for quite some time in much the same way as Reader's Digest does.
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