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What plants do you advise against planting?

Posted by Jennifer 
What plants do you advise against planting?
October 28, 2004 10:42PM
Viola reichenbachiana (violet with dark leaf) - invasive - seeds everywhere.
Pratia - determined groundcover.
Sycamore tree - every seed seems to come up.
Re: What plants do you advise against planting?
October 28, 2004 11:16PM
Forget-me-nots (Myosotis) I am seeing this growing everywhere this spring. Alongside the lakes in Rotorua and on the bush tracks here in the Bay of Plenty. Spreads like crazy and although very pretty in your garden it is starting to make inroads into our native bush. sad smiley
Flax or the plant similar to toi toi .Can never get rid of them and IVY.I am doing a constant battle with ivy we plantd to cover a difficult spot 18yrs ago .Now it invades everything and the dust from it gives me allergies too .
Just come back from Palmerston North, to Wanganui. The paddocks are covered in lavender/pink bushes, similar to honesty. Looked lovely but it must be pest surely, can't get over how fast it has taken over, anyone know what it is?
I have a very useful little booklet (about 72 pages) put out by the Auckland Regional Council Biosecurity Unit in association with Environment Waikato, Northland and the Bay of Plenty, called "Plant me Instead". It has coloured pictures and information about plants that are pests, and suggestions for more enviromentally friendly alternatives you can use. For example the Pampas grass is considered a pest, but the coastal Toetoe is not and could be used instead. Some plants considered pests were quite a surprise, and the coloured photos are a big help.
I got mine at a garden club talk by a speaker from Environment Bay of Plenty, but I would expect they are easy to get.

This web site has a list of plants banned from propogation and sale. Each plant also has a colour picture and description in PDF format to make identification easier. I thoroughly recommend any gardener making this a 'favourite' page and refer to it often.


Was recently reading in our local paper that they're trying to ban agapanthas too, due to their evasive nature.

that is an interesting site Lorna. I cannot believe Lantana ???? I don't have it in my garden but remember when I lived in Australia I had a lovely shrub of it, and have often considered buying it again. Won't be doing that now.
And Agapanthus !!!!! I have a row of them bordering my driveway, but they don't seem to be spreading profusely, so I wonder about that. Plus you see many councils (here in Hamilton anyway), using them roadside, roundabouts etc. I have been in my house 18 months now, and the agapanthus are practically the same as when I moved in.
Hi Irene,
The problem with agapanthis is that the birds love the seeds and deposit them, well fertilised of course, anywhere and it is getting into our bush areas. I'm surprised your Council are still planting them. On the proposed ban list here in Auckland. I love them myself. But apparently they are becoming a big problem, as is Phoenix palms which is also on the list, blow it !!
damn, so I have to think about uprooting the aga's, and planting something else. Any ideas anyone???? I am the original bungalow, with a house in front of me on a sloping section. There is my house, garden, driveway then the aga's, then it drops down to the back of the front house & their clothesline first. I need something along there, but I don't want trees as it will effectively darken their kitchen/bedrooms/toilet/shower - which I guess is not my problem, but I know how I would feel if I lived there. Any ideas would be appreciated for planting. Something around the aga height - but will still allow light through I guess?????? ?:-(
Hope you are fit and strong to tackle that job!!!!Spent a couple of hours thinning out one of mine, boy what a job, their roots are very invasive.
I'm in the same boat re replacing mine, and I quite like the native RingaRinga, same form, and best of all, they are so hardy.
I do like the agapanthus flower though, what a pity.
Now I have to get to and tackle the blasted wandering willie, coming in from next door again!!!!!!!!!
regards Carol
red hot pokers look fabulous in a massed row
We have owned 6 different houses and each one, one of the first things I had to do was clear the jasmine out of the trees and let the other plants breathe - and the b......... ivy off the b............. walls.

I have one (that I know of!) listed on that website....Mexican Daisy. When I bought my house a knowledgeable friend told me that it was on the list of plants that garden centres were asked not to sell.
After four years I still have it confined to one area, but am constantly picking seedlings out of other parts of the garden. Its very pretty though.

Lynley, I love the idea of red hot pokers!! Must investigate this one, but got home after work on Saturday, and my dear other half has decided the back garden needs to be done first. He will be the one tackling the aga's, especially after me reading they are hard to dislodge!!
Carol, I have to ask what the hell is a wandering willie??????? oh my god, the mind boggles at that one - sorry for my naughty mind :p - a wandering willie from next door to boot hahahhaha, that has started my day off fantastically :}
Irene - you are a hoot - I hadn't even noticed that comment

Have just reread Carol's thread and laughed outloud.

Wonder how she tackled it??????????????

Seriously tho - we have w.w. down out backsection and it really is a pain. It used to be grown years ago as an indoor plant often in hanging baskets as it has a draping affect. Fleshy dark green foliage and if it flowers a pale lavendar colour. The trouble is if you try and weed it out - you only have to leave the tiniest piece and off it goes again.

In other words - IT'S A STAYER - but we won't go there will we.

Don't you just love this forum...............
I still don't know what a WW is ???? (apart from the nudge, nudge wink wink !!!!) Its not what used to be called Wandering Dew is it?????? that sounds similar
Yes - sorry Irene - I was so carried away chuckling I forgot to say you might know it by the other name - Wandering Dew.

You are now informed.
I constantly curse the chinese anemone I planted in the garden, against the advise of my neighbour, who did try to warn me. I think I am stuck with it for good.

Irene, have you considered Clivia's to replace your agapanthus. They can be fairly expensive to buy but if you know someone who has a clump, they are easy to propogate, much like agapanthus.

Clivias??? Have no idea what they are, but will do a websearch. But I like the sound of red hot pokers, as they are old fashioned and being a 1930s bungalow, I like the garden to keep in the theme, when I get a quiet moment today will do some websearchign for Clivias. Cheers, Irene
Irene,do you know I have wondered why I get such strange looks when talking about that pesky plant, but I though it used to be called wandering jew, and was changed a few years ago!!!!!!!
But you see how this amazing site educates us, it was wandering dew!!
What a twit am I?
Irene you have made my day, how am I going to cope when I'm out there again tomorrow, I will certainly have a smile on my dial, when I'm pulling out more of that pesky plant...
regards Carol
Carol No 2

It is not you who are a twit! The name of the plant IS Wandering Jew. I suppose the mix up comes because of proununciation: something like
'Jew know what time it is?' LOL

Irene - we have a 1930's bungalow - and I've been planting hydrangeas - an old favourite.
I have to confess, I thought it was a wandering jew, but when typing it the other day thought that can't be right, so typed wandering dew!!!!!!!
So now we have a wandering jew, that was maybe a bit dewy, become a wandering willie !!!!!!!!
(that is very un pc sorry!!!)
Re: What plants do you advise against planting?
November 03, 2004 04:31AM
To add to the above, both Lysimachia ciliata and clethroides. The latter looks quite elegant when it is flowering, but they spread underground and popup metres from the original planting site. Thought I had got rid of it all in the autumn, but no, has reappeared. So, it will be attack by spade again.

Re: What plants do you advise against planting?
November 03, 2004 10:04AM
I'd advise against planting red hot pokers (and colour variants) (Kniphofia) as well. They spread by their roots, and also self-seed alarmingly. Poison doesn't have much effect on them, and they're difficult to dig out. Even if you get rid of the main plant, the seeds will continue to come up for ages.
oops, there's a socalled 'pretty' oldmans beard flowering on me fence.grinning smiley
feverfew is a pain in the rear-grows little plants everywhere
I bought some nice little plants last year which turned out to have beautiful blue summer flowers, but now they have invaded the whole garden with runners and sprout up off the tiniest speck left in the ground. They're called Bog Sage (salvia uliginosa I think is the proper name). They've spread a lot like a mint plant left to grow rampant! Make sure you plant things like that is a bucket in the ground or similar, too much work trying to get rid off the runners otherwise.
Irene - never fear - I did the same as you when answering you.

I too went to type Wandering Jew - but thought - no - surely that can't be right - that would be a terribly incorrect PC - so copied you and put Dew.

Have looked it up in books and - yes - it's Jew like the others have said.

Amazing how names change their meanings over time eh.

Just love your sense of humour tho.

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