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How do you clean your shower?

Posted by Jennifer 
How do you clean your shower?
October 28, 2004 11:47PM
I use an American product called "Clean Shower", manufactured by Arm & Hammer. You just spray it on after shower use - it takes under 10 seconds to do this. I really appreciate it's lack of odour (some products smell so strongly they almost create a health scare). I've been using it for about five years now and it's a lifesaver. I never need to clean the shower any other way, but about once every three or four months I go over the shower with a cloth, for perfection.

Also, if you use liquid soap for handbasins or whatever, it doesn't leave a scum. You probably all know this, but it might be a handy hint to someone.

Less cleaning, more life!grinning smiley
Re: How do you clean your shower?
October 29, 2004 12:58AM
White vinegar in hot water .In betwween ammoniated cleaner or that simple green .I have discovered an aussie soap with teatree in it that is fantastic for cleaning all stainless steel and leaves them sparkling clean .
Re: How do you clean your shower?
October 29, 2004 01:01AM
I would be interested as to what people do too as I have a glass surroundigs with tile on two walls & base. The tiles are fine with a spray & leave but the glass is another story, honestly I have tried alsorts (not the lolly type) We use only liquid body cleaners as we were told soap was a no no. I pull the tap off & spray all the walls, spray with a glass cleaner for showers & leave it. In the evening my husband hoses it down & then uses a rubber scraper. I have tried amonia as that is a great glass cleaner & none streaky to no avail. So look forward to hearing from others on this.
Re: How do you clean your shower?
October 29, 2004 01:17AM

We have a large shower with double glass doors, and I was rather worried how to keep them looking like new. The glass installer told us to use a car silicone wax polish on the glass. We redo it perhaps a couple of times a year. It takes a little while to apply to both doors thoroughly, (we do both sides to keep them looking shiny), and then rub up with a soft cloth, but worth it. We then only use a small rubber window cleaner blade to wipe the doors down after use. The polished surface means the water just "sits" on the surface, and is easily dried.
We did this before the shower was used, so not sure how it would work if you already have a problem. However it would be worth a try.
Good luck,

Re: How do you clean your shower?
October 29, 2004 02:26AM
I swear by a product called Scrub Free, you can buy it in Woollies and I have also purchased from Mitre 10.
I spray it on while I am in the shower - wipe it over with a little sponge, which I have in there for that purpose, give the walls and glass a blast with the handheld shower nozzle, then use the little squeegy thingy that you can buy at supermarket. The sight of me cleaning it is something to behold , but my shower especially the glass, is dazzling,
It is something I am very conscious of, as my loo and bathroom are combined.
Re: How do you clean your shower?
October 29, 2004 03:38AM
I use a spray and wipe product to clean the shower too, but I find that doesn't entirely get rid of soap and shampoo residues on the glass. We always hose the whole shower down before we exit it too.

I have since found good old baking soda generously sprinkled onto a damp sponge makes a great job of getting any film off the glass - just a bit of elbow grease needed and the job is done and just hose glass down and it looks and feels clean.:}
Re: How do you clean your shower?
October 29, 2004 05:13AM
I get DH to do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What more could a girl want????

I do like Jennifer's comment about the smell almost being health scare material - I must admit sometimes our ensuite does this after DH has cleaned it.

Will have to try some of the products mentioned above - oops, let me rephrase that - DH will have to try some fo the products mentioned above.......:} Well, he should have some jobs shouldn't he??? And I just do not enjoy cleaning the shower.......

Cheers, Wilm
Re: How do you clean your shower?
October 29, 2004 05:24AM
Well I must say I have a lot of variety to put some elbow grease on the glass shower doors. I tried so hard not to let it get a film on it but to no avail soooo... when I get my man to do what Wilms man does I'll keep you informed as to the results. Thanks heaps everyone for your input. Isn't this just the greates site? Thanks Helen for all your hard work & time.
Re: How do you clean your shower?
October 30, 2004 12:17AM
Jennifer - just thought of you and this shower cleaning thread.

In supermarket this week and saw the new (well to me) shower cleaning sponges from Chux and have just used it.

It is a fat sponge with a coating of white non scratching scourer, then normal sponge, then a chamois type to finish off.

Just had a "go" at the shower and worked brilliantly. I just used a bit of liquid Ajax.

Off to do the other 2 showers now - I'm inspired.
Re: How do you clean your shower?
October 31, 2004 06:03AM
I think I have the King of all showers...... well as far as trying to keep it clean.... it is sunken into the floor - like a great slate tiled bath, and the walls inside are shist rock, complete with a stained glass window (wooden framed).... fantastic idea at the time I'm sure!!!!!

So I clean my shower with a hose and a car wash brush!!!
We have an old old old chower bath, i use shower power most of the time and love it. bit once a year I use CLR on th bath just to get it back to a sparkling white.
Kind Regards
Raewyn G
Re: How do you clean your shower?
November 01, 2004 06:24AM
I too have just started using Shower Power (bought at New World) which removes the soap scum from the new tiles in our wet floor bathroom. Smells divine too, no chemical smells.
Re: How do you clean your shower?
November 01, 2004 08:14AM
C THRU water stain and spot remover from Mitre 10..great for getting the already water stained showers clean..I was a little careful the first time so did it a second week but according to directions this lasts for at least 3 months..the best I have used along with the Shower Clean spray also from Mitre you think a male may have designed these showers they are so horrible to keep sparkling and I detest the murky glass that appears.. after all we are only trying to smell fresh as daisies!!...Jan
Definately a man Jan!!!!!!!!!
Kindest Regards
Re: How do you clean your shower?
November 03, 2004 11:36PM
sad smiley
I absolutely HATE the Glass shower doors in our lovely new bathroom. So hard to keep clean. I have a whole shelf of "recommended product"
Despite always hosing down and drying after the family showers, every few weeks we have to take a glass scraper to it and it's amazing how much grunge comes off.
Re: How do you clean your shower?
November 04, 2004 12:19AM
Lynne Auck, have you tried spraying and wiping with white vinegar to help reduce " grunge " buildup?? This was a handy hint on the Target programme some time ago.

My next house will definitely NOT have shower screens. Lorraine
Re: How do you clean your shower?
November 04, 2004 09:44AM
what a great topic as the doors are the bane of my life ,i have bought some clean shower now and love it ,be careful with shower power ,i have always used it and the other day placed the sponge that still had some on it against the tiles ,it has stripped the colour off the tiles in that spot i have stopped buying it now
Re: How do you clean your shower?
November 05, 2004 11:22AM

I wrote earlier about being advised to use a silcone car wax polish on our new shower doors, and then we just use a small window cleaner blade to dry it off after use. Even if someone has forgotten to do this, they still look shiny and clean.
Some friends who had asked what I used, have now tried this with excellent results.
In a previous house, I had used many different products on the shower with limited success, and I hated the smell from most of them. Even if some now have a more pleasant smell, they are still chemicals, and it is difficult to avoid breathing it, in a confined space like a shower.
I am so glad I now don't have to use them.


Re: How do you clean your shower?
November 05, 2004 11:49PM
i spray mr muscle shower clean after each shower-keeps the scum away and smells nice.
when i worked as a housemaid in oz, we used 'metho' (methylated spirits) on shower doors
Re: How do you clean your shower?
November 07, 2004 06:20AM
Lynda, how did you use the meths. Did you dilute and spray and wipe it or leave it on?
Re: How do you clean your shower?
November 07, 2004 10:30AM
for memory i think it was diluted, then sprayed on-i dont remember wiping it off (15-20 years ago, sorry)
Re: How do you clean your shower?
November 08, 2004 12:20AM
Well I've just cleaned the glass bits on our tile shower with straight meths using one of those pads that Raewyn was talking about. Its never looked so clean. It was a bit pongy, but the smell soon disappeared. If only it would stay that way. winking smiley

Re: How do you clean your shower?
November 08, 2004 07:29PM

It's true that shower gel leaves less scum than traditional soap. It may be a bit more expensive, but it certainly reduces the elbow grease required to keep the shower looking sparkling.

Re: How do you clean your shower?
November 09, 2004 11:23AM

After reading all of the comments I am going to at first try the Baking Soda, if that doesn't work it will be on to the meths. After that I will try C Thru. All of this for the safe of just one glass door! The new shower we have in the ensuite has no door and it is wonderful, just wipe down the walls with a small window cleaner.
Re: How do you clean your shower?
November 19, 2004 06:43AM
Cleaning glass showers has been classified as an impossible task for years.

It was out of that frustration that I developed C-thru Water Spot Remover (which carries a money-back guarantee).

The product is a completely safe powder you make into a thick, semi-dry paste and apply with a special scratch-proof pad (which comes with product).

Our resellers have sold many thousand units and we have only ever had 8 come back as not having been able to do the job. I've personally visited 4 of those cases and all of them have had existing glass damage from other methods (some rather desparate) they have tried previously.

I have also visited a few customers who were having trouble getting the results they were hoping for. In each case the problem has been trying to use the product too sparingly (which I appreciate given that the typical retail price is in the $29-36 range).

IF you purchase the product be sure to spend a few minutes on the preparation as per the instructions (being a male, I know most men skip that part as I think most men are missing a gene that allows one to read the instructions first) and make sure you get the pad well impregnated first. Once the pad is read for use you actually use very little additional product at a time as you clean.

We also have a new product call Shower Shield, which puts a protective coating on the glass to prevent new water spots from bonding.

Our website ( is getting a much needed (and long overdue) facelift during the week of 22 November so apologies if you have trouble with it. We can also be contacted on 0800 4 CTHRU (0800 428 478)

Grant Nordick
C-thru Solutions grinning smiley
Where can I buy it in Australia???
Re: How do you clean your shower?
November 19, 2004 10:38PM
I just dry the glass shower door with a towel each morning after my shower and the glass door still looks like new. I have done it like this since we put in a new shower 5 years ago. There is no soap scum build up at all. Once a week I also clean it with regular glass cleaner.grinning smiley
Raewyn G
Re: How do you clean your shower?
November 20, 2004 12:47AM
Lorraine, why don't you try their website and see if you can contact them for an Oz distributor.
[] as Grant said and possibly after the 22nd, when their web face lift will be complete.
Good luck

Hi Iam Bruce Woods from The Cleaners Warehouse Ltd Christchurch. We have specialised in Shower Cleaning Chemicals for over 20 years. If you would like to forward your mailing address I would be happy to send you a couple of brochures, or you may wish to go to our secure web site

Regards bruce
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