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How do you clean your shower?

Posted by Jennifer 
Re: How do you clean your shower?
January 03, 2005 07:58AM
Hi there,

I have a plain old shower over the bath.

I have trouble keeping the edges clean and free of mould.

My husband has a greasy job so there is dirt and grease all over the place.

But The only probelm I have is getting the "yuck" from under the edge that sit on the bath (if ylu know what I mean). I also am having prblems with the joins and the "yuck" that gets in there.

I use plain old Jif on the seratone and bath. Which helps. I do use a a toothbrush on the joins but it still doesnt help.

Any help would be appreciated.

Raewyn G
Re: How do you clean your shower?
January 03, 2005 08:00AM
Try a bit of Sugar Soap, or better still Handy Andy. The ammonia kills the mould spores.
Re: How do you clean your shower?
January 04, 2005 06:21AM
used the c-thru product and our shower door has been transformed. bit of elbow grease required but results were brilliant.

I have used the c-thru product & it was fantastic took a lot of elbow work but wonderful now. The inventor of it was great with his response to me when I mailed him as the first time I did it it didn't do it as well as I had expected, he put me right. Great product I do recommend it.
Re: How do you clean your shower?
January 05, 2005 12:59AM
I was given a microfibre cloth from my mum for xmas and it is the most amazing thing I have ever come across. It cleans your shower without the need of cleaning product. The first thing I did was hit the shower with it, as we have a horrible plastic shower box that never looks clean. A bit of a wipe over with the cloth took all of the scum off (and there was a bit), and made it look better than ever. Now we just wipe down the shower every morning with it, and the only thing that I need to clean are the joins etc, as the cloth can't quite get into it. It works a treat also on mirrors and stainless steel, so all my appliances look brand new. Takes off toothpaste off mirrows and leaves it smudge free. I noticed that they are selling a similar cloth in the supermarket for about $5.00, which I grabbed too and I now use this one in the kitchen. I can't recommend them enough!!
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