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The things little people say!!!

Posted by Lisa Templeton 
One of the wonderful things about kids is the things they come out with.

Yesterday Majick 5 (who has just started school last month) decided to write a wee story. "Mummy" he said, "how do I spell duh?" Thats 'd' Majick was my reply. So off he trotted back to his room. 3 minutes later he came back and asked "Mummy how do I spell is?" "i s" and off he ran. Then a thought passed through my mind, "Majick whats the sentence you are writing?"
To which I got a matter of fact reply "Dis is Majick".
Kind Regards
Re: The things little people say!!!
October 31, 2004 07:08AM
We were out for dinner with our children (when Billie was about 8, Hannah about 5, Jade 7 and Daisy a twinkle in Simon's eye), when Hannah announced "Mummy - when I grow up I want to be a mattress!" at the top of her voice - of course she meant waitress....

Another time we were deciding where to go for dinner one night and we were driving along Mt Eden Rd when Hannah (who was a few years older & wiser by this time) said - "that place in there looks nice!" it was Danske Mobler - the furniture shop.........

there have been so many little gems from the mouths of my babes - and I never wrote any of them down - my advice - do it - write them all down - they are the seeds for those wonderful family gathering conversations that bind a family together...
Raewyn G
Re: The things little people say!!!
October 31, 2004 07:29AM
My partners Grandson, Chaz now 4 yrs (going on 40) comes out with some real treasures. Always been a chatter box.
At 28mths saw his grandad pouring out some home brew that wasn't any good and said "Gwandad's Beer......No......Dood!"
Just recently said to me "You're old aren't you Nana Raewyn?" My reply was "Not that old" but his parting shot was "But you've got old hair" And I wonder why I'm grey!!!!!
The best one was last weekend, being told, "BE QUIET! Nana Raewyn...... I'm tryin to talk to Grandad!" I disappeared out to another room to laugh my head off, with Les shouting out....... "That's put you in your place!!!!"
Les' daughter in law does write them down, which I think is wonderful.
Re: The things little people say!!!
October 31, 2004 09:00AM
I can remember my eldest son (now 23) being held in the arms of my mum.....asking "whats that makes a noise?". A clock...a that question!
When he was 2 there was a particularly tragic time in our family, but Jeremy broke it for a short time, by crying that his sister had a ride in an 'ambliblince' (ambulance) and he hadnt

Paulasmiling smiley
Re: The things little people say!!!
October 31, 2004 11:01AM
It was winter and Patrick was about 3. Our house was cold so we put a draught stopper in front of the door. He asked "What's that for". We explained that it was to stop the draughts coming in. He then asked "Will it stop the elephants too?"

I guess draughts and Giraffe's can sound the same to little ears.
Re: The things little people say!!!
October 31, 2004 11:03AM
Another thought - the children like to copy each other in saying everything the other says (just to annoy). Madison (5) says "Stop coppering me".

My husband took the three children fishing and Leroy (3) caught the only "shish" and proudly told everyone met about his "shish".
Re: The things little people say!!!
November 01, 2004 12:50AM
My 3.5 year old ate a huge lunch on Saturday. Once he'd finished I said to him "You've had such a big lunch today. Do you have worms in your tummy or something?". He just looked at me.
A few hours later we were at a friends and my son pipes up from the corner of the room "Robyn, I have worms".
I really hope he doesn't tell them that at daycare today.
Greta came home from the park one day really agitated as she had seen a bacteria. Trying to keep a very straight face I asked her to repeat what it was -

"It was a bacteria and it wasn't even on a leash and it could have bitten anyone".

She was meaning bull terrier which she had heard about after a spat of publicised dog attacks.
My favourite is from my three year old on a very rainy night -

Trent: Mum, is the rain going to stop
Me: Yes, it will stop eventually
Trent: But mum is the rain going to stop
Me: Yes, it is going to stop
Trent: Mum, are you sure the rain is going to stop
Me (getting exasperated): Yes, I asked God and he said the rain will stop
Trent: God?
Me: Yes, God.
Trent: God? And not Aunty Irene?

Hahaha - I never knew Irene was held in such high esteem!!!grinning smiley
Raewyn G
Re: The things little people say!!!
November 01, 2004 02:02AM
From my experience on this Forum, Irene is a very knowlegeable person!
I think you underestimate your sis, Lynette! You have a wise child on your hands!!!!!
Helen, I have laughed and laughed about your Greta and the bacteria! Your daughter deserves a prize for that one.
Thanks for the laughs ladies. Does us all good to smile!!!!:}
Kind Regards,
Re: The things little people say!!!
November 01, 2004 02:27AM
My youngest, Todd, who is now 20 used to come out with some hilarious ones: My old microwave used to spark (it was a bright spark, just like me - not!!), and when Todd first noticed it, he came running to me, and said: Mum, Mum, there's an electrician in the microwave.
Driving past a Latter Day Saints church once, he said: Thats the Church for Jesus Christ for Later Years
and now I am reminiscing, his older brother Harley now 21 - when Lynette & Ian were getting married, he was all excited about a family wedding, and earnestly asked me if we could all go to McDonalds afterwards
oh and another one.. (gosh sorry for this reminiscing)... Harley when he was 5 told me he knows how a man and woman have sex. I was thinking oh no, and asked how they did. To which he replied, Mum they both take off their clothes, jump up and down and say I love you, I love you, I love you (mmmm now he is 21 and just engaged and living with his fiancee, I hope he still thinks that is how you make love!!)
And as for Lynette's little one thinking I know more about the weather then God, that wee man sure knows what he is on about. My favourite nephew for life !!!!
Hahahaha - I never knew that about Harley thinking our wedding reception would be at McDonalds! :}
Re: The things little people say!!!
November 02, 2004 12:16AM
When our daughter, Monique was about 2, she thought all the M's for McDonalds meant M for Monique.
One day I was babysitting a friend's daughter who was about 3 at the time. She said she was thirsty and could she have "a your lo". I didn't know what she meant and went through all the different drinks we had. Turned out she wanted a Milo, but because she wasn't at home, she had decided it wasn't "my lo" in our house. This happened not long after she had become a big sister, and her Mum had been encouraging her to share with the new brother.

Just this weekend we took our kids (7 and 9) to Boo at the Zoo for halloween. We also took my 4yr old neice. Our 7yr old son dressed up as an egytian mummy, our 9 yr girl as a witch and 4yr old as a fairy. Sarah was asking what Nick was, and I said a mummy. She replied that he was a boy and only girls can be mummys. Then I tried to explain about dead people being wrapped in bandages, and she said but if they're dead they go to heaven with the angels, and how had Nick hurt himself so much to have so many bandages.

Re: The things little people say!!!
November 02, 2004 02:49AM
Michael was 4 - is now 4 plus 40 :-o

We were trying to find someone's place and were lost. My husband turned down a road and saw two signs "Cemetery" and underneath 'cul-de-sac' - he did a u-turn and retraced his steps - at which Michael said "What's the matter Daddy?? Is this a dead end?"

Now someone else told me something similar very recently and it may have been said by some other child - but I'm sure Mike's was the original.

Re: The things little people say!!!
November 02, 2004 12:00PM
Years ago while lying abed with a rotten headache and thrush, I heard my son answer the phone saying "No sorry she can't come to the phone, she's got blackbird."
Re: The things little people say!!!
November 02, 2004 07:35PM

This not from a child, but for whoever is responsible for putting up the street name signs (local council?): Cemetary Road
No Exit
It's somewhere on the road between Whitianga and Whangamata.

Re: The things little people say!!!
November 02, 2004 09:30PM
Lorna, we also have one of those, Foxhill Cemetery, no exit. We also have a Police Station in Bail Street! (Stoke)
I suspect there will be many small country settlements with similar signage.
smiling smiley Lyn.

Re: The things little people say!!!
November 02, 2004 10:19PM
Oh dear Lorna and Lyn - methinks that 'cul-de-sac' somehow has more panache than 'no exit' grinning smiley

Writing the other thread on here reminded me of another thing same son said which seemed to 'grow like Topsy' - but I can assure you that it is absolutely genuine.

Dreadful winter day in Wellington - I had to go out and had told the children that they would stay home with Nana. After much procrastinating I finally said "well, I had better go and face the elements" at which Michael burst into tears and said that he too would like to "bathe the elephants".

About 5 years later, back in the UK, this very story won a prize in a women's magazine for "things kids say" or some such. I was gobsmacked to say the least - and concluded that of the many people I had told this little gem someone somewhere had claimed the story as their own!!! :-o

Funnily enough, although I have four children the oldest child's quaint 'pearls of wisdom' are the only ones I remember - perhaps I had ceased to listen properly or maybe just too harried and hassled back then to really hear sad smiley

When my oldest son was just turned three he was sitting beside me while I breastfed his six week old baby sister. Very interested in the proceedings, he asked me "Is there baby's milk in one breast and something else in the other one?" "No", I told him, "there's baby's milk in both breasts." He thought about this for a wee while and then said, "then why do you need two?" The mind boggled at the thought of perhaps one big one in the middle, but I still think it's one of the most logical questions he ever asked!

As for Renee's discovering that someone else had used her story: in her case the story almost certainly was "picked up" by someone, but I've been amused while reading this thread to see that two of the stories have been similar to a couple of my favourites from my own children. Johanna's story about the draught/giraffe: it was only when my youngest son's School Certificate English exam was returned and I read the essay he'd written about his grandma, who had lived with us before her death when he was younger, that I learned for the first time that when he was three or four, and she'd ask him to close the door "because there's a draught coming through", he'd thought there was "a giraffe coming through". I laughed at his comment in the essay : I didn't know where the giraffe would be coming from, but I didn't have time to ask questions, I just hopped up and shut that door quick smart!"
The other story was Linda's about the little girl asking for a "your-lo". When my second son was at kindergarten age, I used to work a weekend job for a time with a young woman called Myola. Naturally I'd talk at home about things Myola had done, or said, and one day Matthew asked me" "when can I get an ola?" I asked him to repeat it and when I told him that I still didn't understand what he was saying, he said, "I don't know what an ola is, but you've got one at your work, and I'd like one too."The penny dropped. Just goes to show that remarkably similar things go through the heads of our little people!
Re: The things little people say!!!
November 02, 2004 10:50PM
When my grandad passed away, my elder one was only 3.5 y/o, we explained to her that G. gran was going to heaven with God. She turn to me and said "mum, don't worry, God will take him back", I told her gran will stay with God and not coming back, then she said "oh, did God don't know how to drive? or he don't have a car???"


Re: The things little people say!!!
November 03, 2004 10:29PM
Some of my favourites;

Xmas carol - 'Dick the horse eats boughs of holly, tra la la etc' (magazine)

5 year olds first day at school - Mum, I learnt all the foul words today (Mother mortified!) A, E, I, O, U. (my nephew)

'Piss away' - (my daughter - oophs!)

Re: The things little people say!!!
November 03, 2004 10:35PM
thanks to Lisa for starting this thread. Hasn't it been lovely to have a smile at all these comments and memories smiling smiley
Re: The things little people say!!!
November 04, 2004 03:31AM
Felt I had to share this gem as printed in our local paper on this subject.

Daddy and three and a half year old went to a pet shop. Littlee came home so excited to tell Mummy "We saw two men rabbits and three lady rabbits" Mummy asked "How do you know which are ladies and which are men". Reply "Daddy turned them upside down and I think it was printed on the bottom."

Also when watching our five and a half year old playing midget ruby an opposition player got the ball and ran all the way to the goal posts with our son in hot pursuit, without avail and we said "Oh Wayne" Our 3 and a half year old looked at us in a surpise and said "He came second aren't you pleased"!!?:-(:}
Re: The things little people say!!!
November 04, 2004 05:01AM
My friend Stanley was well into adulthood before he realised that when singing in church as a child, he wasn't singing about a bear called Gladly which was crosseyed. He had been singing "Gladly the cross I'd bear":}
Re: The things little people say!!!
November 04, 2004 05:03AM
Shortly after our daughter started kindy she got chickenpox. She was telling everybody she had "chickenspots", and for quite a while afterwards, she wouldn't eat chicken either.

i love the way littlies come out with their own versions of words ,the 2and 1/4 year old i look after says fingermo for flamingo ,it is ever so cute
Raewyn G
Re: The things little people say!!!
November 04, 2004 10:54AM
Chaz, my partners 4 yr old grandson announced to us just recently that he had chicken pox. Having changed his dirty clothes earlier, I didn't notice any of the usual spots or marks. So I asked him "Where did you get these chicken pox?" He threw his arms up and out to the side and very matter of fact said "New World!!!!!" As if to say, don't ask stupid questions........where else!!!!!
I nearly burst, trying not to laugh at him.
Don't these little people give us so much joy and something to make us smile smiling smiley

Re: The things little people say!!!
November 05, 2004 05:34AM
My 6 year old still says 'Mute-er-bike' instead of motorbike. A friend's son called fish 'shim' until he started school!
My son still at 20 has a problem. We have pokutahawas and hopsitals not pohutukawas and hospitals.

Helen CB
Raewyn G
Re: The things little people say!!!
November 07, 2004 03:53AM
After feeding 2 grandies (4 yr old cousins) lunch of Pasghetti (spaghetti), toast and peanut butter, apple and a drink, Bayley informed me "I'm not sleeping with him, cos he's not got any boxers" Poor Chaz looked very sad! I nearly cracked up. We delivered them home to sleep in their own beds, if indeed they need or have a sleep today!
Nana Raewyn has been left speachless AGAIN!!!!!:}
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