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The things little people say!!!

Posted by Lisa Templeton 
Keesarla 3 (Wee gem) has had a little mouth infection. And anounced to me this morning "i haf to have medicine mummy" "Why is that Keesarla?" (Shes quite well and fine! Just has distinct liking for medicine)
"cause muuuumm ive got an injection on my tongue!"
Majick last night as I gave him a cuddle goodnight he said "Mum, I can't marry you can I." No Majick im your mother, you can't marry me. Nooooo Mum its cause your already married!
They make life worthwhile I think
Kind regards
Re: The things little people say!!!
November 10, 2004 06:16AM
Last Xmas morning our then 3 year old was given the biggest, coolest remote control train set from my parents, it blew smoke out the chimney and puffed away on a huge track around the Xmas tree and living room to the delight of everyone including our boy, his dad, his two uncles and his grandfather. {who was the present REALLY for??}
Everyone wanted a turn especially the big boys {mostly pushing 40}so my brother asked Matt if he could have a turn, his request was met with a very firm "No". So he asked again, "Please Matt, can I have a turn.. it is Christmas and you must share.
Still met with "No, its mine"
So I jump on the bandwagon "Come on Matt, sharing please or ill put the train away. Let everyone else have a turn."
I was glared at for a moment and then Matt said " Ok then. I'll ask the train driver." a very earnest conversation went on for a few minutes between the 3 year old crouched down by the little drivers window talking in all seriousness to the driver, with a lot of head shaking and hand movements going on. Obviously a very agonising decision was being made. Finally he turned to my brother and said deadly serious " Well, Ive asked the train driver and he said, "Maybe....but not today"
It seems the decision was out of our hands.....
Re: The things little people say!!!
November 10, 2004 09:40PM
One clever little boy, Kerri.... a great way of still getting, 'his own way'.
My partner took his vitamin e tab and grand daughter (aged 3) asked what it was. He tried to explain that it helps all of your body. She said, "You mean like your legs and your feet." He said, "Yes, all over your body." And Grand Daughter added, "You mean like your arms, your tummy, your head, your vagina and your bum crack." ........ What do you say..... :-o

Re: The things little people say!!!
November 12, 2004 08:58AM
When we were in Whangamata the other week we went for a walk to the wharf. There is a sign by a car park that says it is for Ambulance, Fire or Police. I said something smart about one space being ALLOCATED for the three services and then 31/2 year old (going on 10) starts and continues to this day about the ALLIGATORS in Whangamata. Got to laugh at that one.
Re: The things little people say!!!
November 12, 2004 09:10AM
sorry that should read 3 1/2 not 31/2
Re: The things little people say!!!
November 20, 2004 03:38AM
I was getting some more linen for the beds. There was a sale on duvet covers and sheets and everything was in large baskets, which had become quite muddled.
I had the kids with me. I was telling them to find some Queen sized fitted sheets. We came across lots of King size.
Our seven year old then asked about why weren't there any Jack sized sheets. I thought I'd misheard him, so asked again. He said the same thing. I was quite confused on what he was talking about.
Then it made sense when he showed me a duvet cover which had a deck of cards.

The way a 7yr old's mind must work.

Raewyn G
Re: The things little people say!!!
December 12, 2004 11:50AM
4 yr old grandson informed me today that Santa was going to his house first on Xmas eve. I asked him if he would be coming to Grandad and Nana Raewyn's next. "NO" he said, "I told you, my house first"
"Yes" I replied, "and then our place". "NO, he doesn't come to you and Gwandad's"
"He better" I said
"You better write to him Nana Waewyn and tell him to come, but I'm first, OK?"
He's got it all worked out!
I had to hold back the laughter! What a hoot! If you'd seen the seriousness of this darling boy!
It will be a happy Xmas with this cherub and others in our lives. We are so fortunate.
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