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keyboard hygiene

Posted by lynley 
keyboard hygiene
November 02, 2004 11:03PM
While we're on the subject of cleaning (not my favourite subject) Anyone know the best way to clean a computer keyboard? I mean down under the keys, I have this terrible habit of cooking and surfing foodlovers at the same time - I'm expecting an ant invasion an day now.....
Re: keyboard hygiene
November 02, 2004 11:56PM
Hi Lynley

I find a wipe over with one of those easy wipe cloths (Mr Muscle type thingys) once a week but dont be like Donald (Lisa's other half) and wash it in the sink!!!!

If you have food bits in there Lynley, a damp toothbrush works well, then wiping it over, but make sure the computers turned off first.

Helen CB
Re: keyboard hygiene
November 03, 2004 12:00AM
another hint before wiping to dislodge the crumbs etc, unplug it, turn it over and give it a couple of good raps on the bottom
Re: keyboard hygiene
November 03, 2004 12:14AM
I eat, cook and surf at the same time too and often turn my keyboard upside down and give it a bang, amazing how many toast crumbs come out:}
Cotton buds are good for getting between the keys.:}
Re: keyboard hygiene
November 03, 2004 12:51AM
You can get aerosol cans with an attachment (long skiny tube) specifically for cleaning keyboards - they just blow 'air' into the gaps and blow the dirt out!
Re: keyboard hygiene
November 03, 2004 03:09AM
I just run the small brush on my vacuum cleaner over the keyboard.
Re: keyboard hygiene
November 03, 2004 03:24AM

Be very careful with vacuum cleaners near computers. My other half, decided he would clean out the cobwebs from inside my computer and the static electricity blew the damned thing up. No computer for a week and one very embarressed person, when he had to explain to the computer technician & his son what had happened to it.!!!!!

Helen CB
Re: keyboard hygiene
November 03, 2004 07:41AM
My partner is a honey - he takes the back off the keyboard - totally dismantles it - then puts it back together again smiling smiley
I hate it most when I spill a bit of coffee (or wine!). Man it makes the keys stick smiling smiley
Re: keyboard hygiene
November 03, 2004 10:06AM
There is a plastic cover you can get to put over the keys - similar to what some shops have on their cash registers.
Re: keyboard hygiene
November 03, 2004 11:36AM
Yes, can buy those keyboard / computor covers from the $2 shop
Re: keyboard hygiene
November 03, 2004 11:21PM
As others have said......I unplug the key board, upend it and smack it's bum, then use damp cotton buds to clean around the keys. My dearly beloved removes all the keys.......they just lift off.......but he knows where to put them all back! Wouldn't trust myself.
Re: keyboard hygiene
November 03, 2004 11:36PM
What a highly amusing thread!!! So, some of you must use laptops if you can eat, surf and cook at the same time - multi-tasking with a vengeance smiling smiley

My computer is in a completely different room so am forced to abstain from the delights some of you experience. However!! I have been known to take my glass of wine with me into the forbidden territory - with drastic consequences one evening. Set my glass of red beside the computer - reached across it to get something - and the whole glass tipped onto the pale sisal carpet! I got lucky though - if you have to find a silver lining - none went on the keyboard :/

Now only take white wine with me grinning smiley
Re: keyboard hygiene
November 03, 2004 11:46PM
Renee, you poor thing. Did all the red wine come out ok???? On a different tangent, decided to have a lovely soak in the bath a couple of weeks ago with a glass of wine/candles. After drying, decided to give the bathroom sink a clean and wack - there went my wine glass, shattered all over the bathroom floor sad smiley
I think in future I may take the copy plastic ones in there!!! Wine glasses and me just don't last sad smiley
Re: keyboard hygiene
November 04, 2004 01:45AM
Yes I did Irene!! I panicked, of course, and realised that the only remedy I knew was that white wine 'deals to' red wine stains - so nothing else for it but to open a white that was in the fridge and use that - grrrrr. Had a wet mess but I have one of those wonder chamois blocks (bought it at the Easter Show - about 15 years ago I think) which soaks up all excess fluid and with constant sopping -up and squeezing which removed most of the moisture it didn't look too bad! After a few days when it appeared totally dry I applied some Bremworth Cavalier carpet cleaner and the residual stain disappeared.

Actually in my case the glass bounced - so no broken glass - that must have made your bathroom rather dangerous when you emerged from your luxurious and heavenly sounding soak - hope you escaped from the bathroom unscathed - and obviously much wiser smiling smiley

Re: keyboard hygiene
November 04, 2004 02:25AM
I am glad you got most of it out Renee. Cool headed thinking!! As for the glass in my bathroom, I thought I had it all - it was 2 weeks ago - and found a splinter of glass this morning !!!
Re: keyboard hygiene
November 04, 2004 02:50AM
Thank's for that Helen. I shall be very careful. Don't want to blow it up. What would I do if I couldn't look at the foodie site.sad smileysad smiley
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