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Denheath custard squares

Posted by Pat 
Denheath custard squares
November 03, 2004 08:41PM
When watching the TV last night and not really listening to the Ad's, I am sure I caught that the "John Campbell With A Queen's Tour" on 3 at 9.30pm thursday night, said something about custard squares.
The tour has got to Timaru so I thought Lisa this must be yours.
I have never watched it but will see tonight if what I heard was right.
Did anyone else hear this or did I dream it all ?
Cheers Pat
Re: Denheath custard squares
November 03, 2004 10:38PM
Hi Pat,
John did come here with Carol Hirshfeild. Really lovelly people. The custard squares and e-squares are on it. We thankfully are not on it! Just the products:} Donald sent them out to the Phar lap statue. All the houses out there have names that are a play on Phar. Its quite funny.
I will have to try and get home in time to see it tonite!
Kindest regards
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