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Cleaining White grouting

Posted by Linda 
Cleaining White grouting
November 04, 2004 02:07AM
Spring must be in the air, with us all cleaning stuff.

We've got a white tile splash back behind the gas hob, which has white grouting. The tiles are easy enough to keep clean, but the grouting is starting to discolour. Any suggestions??

I've tried a toothbrush and Janola but didn't want to leave it there too long, in case it did something to the grouting. It did help a little, but still the grouting isn't white any more.

Re: Cleaining White grouting
November 04, 2004 04:57AM
I don't know about afterwards but before you used the stove top, like when the grouting was new there is a product to put over the grout to keep it white. Maybe you could grout again & then use it. Sorry not too much help here.
Raewyn G
Re: Cleaining White grouting
November 04, 2004 06:39AM
Linda, I would encourage you to contact a tile store and ask for advise, but do like Lyn's suggestion above. We recently had our bathroom tiled and a wet floor shower installed. The tiler suggested we have a coloured grout for the reason you have a problem with. We chose a slate grey which looks stylish with the big white tiles, and we are more than happy.
Good luck
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