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Farmers Market

Posted by Irene 
Farmers Market
November 04, 2004 05:16AM
Helen, I was just having a quick afternoon squizz through our free local paper, and there is a great article (The Hamilton Press), about foodlovers and the Farmers Market.
It's excellent reading and centres on Boyd Asparagus and Matatoki Cheeses - no doubt you know about it, but well done !!! smiling smiley
Re: Farmers Market
November 04, 2004 06:08AM
Irene I don't know about it.
Well I did some time ago send through some info but hadn't heard anything more.
If you haven't already discarded it would it be possible for you to send me the article?
Re: Farmers Market
November 04, 2004 06:50AM
thank god i read this before I headed home, its on the back table, and I normally throw out all newspapers as I leave work. Will keep it, and mail it to you. Is your home address ok? I saw that regarding next weekend.
Cheers, Irene
Re: Farmers Market
November 04, 2004 08:02AM
Thanks Irene that would be great and yes to
22 Woodley Ave,
Re: Farmers Market
November 04, 2004 10:47AM
There was also a mention in the Chch Press a week or two ago. Just a small snippet suggesting the Farmer's Market if you preferred armchair shopping to the usual way. smiling smiley Lyn.

Re: Farmers Market
November 04, 2004 11:21PM
Wow Lyn I didn't realise that one either.
If anyone does notice any media info re foodlovers would you kindly let me know as it is always of interest.

Helen - foodlovers
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