Baby Play Pen
November 04, 2004 11:38PM
Hi all,
I can't decide which forum this should go on so please forgive if I've chosen the wrong one.

I am looking to purchase a baby's play pen - wooden, no floor, collapsable and in reasonably good condition - in the Auckland area. It's for use as a puppy pen when we visit friends/family and need to confine the wee lad.

Have checked out TradeMe and there are a couple of possibilities but thought I would try this site as well, just in case.

Many thanks,
Re: Baby Play Pen
November 05, 2004 01:45AM
I wish I had thought of that with our puppy Hope! Don't they cry when you leave them alone!!! We have started getting ours used to her collar - and we take her most places with us now and tie her up within reach of us - shes pretty good - not too much barking!

But BOY would a play pen have been helpful when staying with my Mum (little presents on the floor of the living room!!!)

Good luck on your search!
Re: Baby Play Pen
November 05, 2004 02:28AM
We used a playpen for Ruby (8mth old jack russell) which we bought for quite a sum at the petshop - it's been brilliant - she voluntarily sleeps in it now every night!
Re: Baby Play Pen
November 06, 2004 09:12AM
Thanks for you messages ladies. Night one was excellent and day one was pretty good too. I have my fingers crossed for night two - although Luka (7.5 week old Golden Retriever) is a little more confident (read "boisterous"winking smiley today so I won't hold my breath!
Kind regards, Hope.
Re: Baby Play Pen
November 08, 2004 12:10AM
ha ha - we (my golden retriever 'Kanzah' 15 weeks, and I) had our first 'puppy pre school' session in the weekend, and 'excitable' was how she was described.... maybe its a Golden Retriever trait!!!!!!
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