Home made Lemonade
November 05, 2004 02:22AM
I have just been making hubby ginger beer which I dont like and I wondered if anyone has a recipe for homemade lemonade. which i do like. Thanks Doreen

Re: Home made Lemonade
November 05, 2004 02:27AM

someone (sorry!) posted this a while back - it's lovely!

Mum's recipe from 60 years ago, and still making it today:-
juice and rind (Grated or zested) of 8 lemons (big lisbon are best)
2oz tartaric acid
1oz citric acid
1oz epsom salts
8 cups sugar
8 cups boiling water

Put all in china or plastic bowl, stir well, strain if liked. Bottle. Absolutely delicious.
Re: Home made Lemonade
November 06, 2004 02:28AM
thanks for the recipe Lynley Ihave just starteed to make it today but wondered how long will it keep in plastic bottles and how long after making it before you can drink it. ( ginger beer takes about a week before it is ready. Thanks for your help Doreen

Re: Home made Lemonade
November 06, 2004 06:21AM
We drank straight away - I don't think it's as volatile and ginger beer - i.e. no chemical reaction takes place after bottling - what you see is what you get after it's made - we diluted ours with soda water as well - yummm. Not sure about keepability either - if you do a search on the foodlovers food forum there was a conversation about this and you can find out who supplied this recipe and ask them - ours was drunk straight away!!!
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