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Selling your house grumbles

Posted by Bev 
Selling your house grumbles
November 05, 2004 05:44AM
First of all before I have my grumble and get this off my chest I apologise to any of you Foodlovers who might be Real estate agents.

We have our house on the market and have had a steady stream of people viewing the house which is great BUT, twice this week I have come home and found our back door has been left unlocked!!!! I am so angry about it, I feel they have a responsibility to look after our property and check and double check it is securely locked up before they leave. How hard is it to lock and door and check that it is locked!! Am I expecting too much?? GRRRRRRR This afternoon when it happened again I was shaking with anger!!! Sorry to be a moaner but I needed to get this out of my system.sad smileysad smiley
I sympathise with you Bev.
We have had the house next door to us on the market for 7 mths now and the owners have asked us to keep an eye on their home as they moved to another city. Whilst we know they are asking too much for it, it doesnt alter the fact that the real estate agents have either left it unlocked, or left lights on or left windows open. I wonder sometimes about these brainless people.
It is still furnished and whilst unoccupied how hard is it to check when they have had open homes to ensure everything is locked and turned off. Different story if it was their home that was ransacked or broken into.

Helen CB
Re: Selling your house grumbles
November 05, 2004 05:55AM
Have you told the agents about this?? Otherwise I'd be inclined to look the door and take the key, and make them walk around for the front door, if thats an option.
We're weighing up whether to sell and I can't believe the wide range in prices we've had. A $90,000 difference between two different agencies, and then they try and tell us go to auction to get top dollar, but I'm VERY anti auctions, as I know so many people who've paid the money upfront, and then had no bidders for auction.

GRRRRRRRRRRRRR real estate agents from me too.

Re: Selling your house grumbles
November 05, 2004 06:04AM
Oh yes I have told our listing agent in no uncertain terms how angry I am!!! He knows how angry I am and in fairness to him he is very angry too that people from their agency would be so irresponsible. I am no longer leaving them the key to the back door, if they want to show people the garden they will need to go through the side security gate. We have a completely enclosed and secure section. Fingers crossed they can manage to lock the front door!!
We are off to Sydney next week for a fews days and now I know I will worry. Our daughter in law willl call past and check things for us while we are away but I should not have to ask them to do this.
We have only had the house on the market for 2 weeks, fingers crossed we sell at Auction on the 19th Nov.
Linda we are not keen on auctions either and it was always our preference to just "sell" the house but our agent convinced us auction was the best way to go, we will wait and see I guess.
I am still GRRR'ing, perhaps a G&T might be the answer to calm me downwinking smiley
Raewyn G
Re: Selling your house grumbles
November 05, 2004 07:03AM
Have a double G+T Bev. I would be hopping mad too. I wonder if they would be happy if someone did it to them. INCONSIDERATE, BRAINLESS AND TOTALLY UNPROFESSIONAL!!!!!!!
Have a good holiday and I'm sure your d-in-law will be very careful with her checks.
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