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Bali...going or been.

Posted by Lyn ( P. Nth) 
Lyn ( P. Nth)
Bali...going or been.
November 05, 2004 06:34AM
I have just read Noeleen's account of the earthquake in Bali last month and thought I would share two great sites to visit if any of you are contemplating visiting the ' Island of the Gods'.
( BTW Noeleen, a construction worker was killed during that quake)


is an absolute goldmine of a site for ALL you would ever wish to know about shopping/eating/hotels etc in Bali. The best shops, best markets, where to have shoes..leather goods etc made, the best value spa's, best drivers to hire (all personally used by forumites) and for what cost et al. An amazingly informative site. I have always checked them out for advise/hints before going to Bali.


is a wonderful site where most warungs/restaurants/cafes worth visiting in Bali are reviewed. Also a great place to go drool over the delicious sounding dishes!! Sigh...... I wanna go back.

sad smileysad smiley

If any of you have had good or bad experiences at certain restaurants/hotels, let us know here then! I will post my favourite places and the food I ate next! ( and relive every mouthful)

Lyn (P Nth)

Re: Bali...going or been.
November 06, 2004 11:35AM

We went in February. Too many recommendations to write here, but a few:

- we stayed at a budget hotel called "Nathan" (pronounced Nat-an), just south of Kuta, which was very affordable, and lovely. The room was basic but clean, with aircon. The staff were superb, and the pool was divine. Would recommend you forgo the free beakfast and go out to a cafe somewhere instead, as the budget breakfast isn't very good.

- For a bit more luxury, we had a couple of nights at Novotel Coralia Benoa. It was divine, the room was gorgeous, and the breakfast was spectacular. Drinks and evening meals were about 8 times the price here though!

- Favourite Restaurants: TJ's Mexican in Legian. Nero Bali in Legian. Small neighbourhood cafe around the corner from Hotel Nathan (in the alleyway. Tuna dinner for around $1.70)

- For a great evening, take a taxi to Jimbaran Bay, and have seafood BBQ'd fresh on the beach. We had whole snapper & lobster dinner, with rice, salad & side dishes, for about NZ$60 for 2 people.

- Favourite activity: Waterbom park. Plan to spend the whole day here, and take sunblock

- Recommended tour: Perama Day Tours. I think our driver's name was Ashi, or Asha. He was great, ask for him if he's available.

Lyn ( P. Nth)
Re: Bali...going or been.
November 06, 2004 11:54PM
OK. This is the best meal I have ever eaten in Bali...actually, just about anywhere else too!!! Was expensive by Balinese standards ( approx NZ$ 50 per person!!) but worth every cent. Was at Arys Warung in Ubud, with a Gamelan orchestra practising across the road and tiny geckos tearing about the ceiling above, it was magic. Wonderful decor and a bathroom that has to be seen to be believed!! A little stream runs through the bathroom strewn with flowers and is scented somehow. I want one for home.
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These are the dishes hubster and I shared. This was a tasting menu, and we got to choose 5 dishes each plus a mid meal sorbet which was Passionfruit. In no particular order:

* Coconut King Prawns with Avocado, Corn and Black Bean Salsa
* Lobster Wonton with Asian Greens and Soy Jus
* Chicken In Pandan Leaf with Japanese Cucumber Urap ( salad)
* Caesar Salad with Chicken and Young Mango
* Chilled Asian Vegetable Soup with Black Rice Bread
* Roasted Tataki of Venison with Honey/Rosemary Vinaigrette
* Roast Veal Cutlet with Wasabi Butter and Balinese Water Spinach
* Ponzu Snapper with Ginger Glass Noodles
* Kaffir Lime Chocolate Fondant with Flores Vanilla Icecream
* Durian Brulee!!!! ( it was amazing!)

The chocolate fondant was simply a little hot molten centred pud with lime zest added. It works well so anyone who makes the plain version may like to give it a try. I think Sevilles would do it also for a jaffarish version!
The brulee was outstanding. I was determined to try durian and that seemed the best way...disguised with a heap of sugar! Does NOT taste like it smells I can assure you. I had eaten the lollies before that.

Also had fabulous meals at Ku De Ta, La Lucciola, and Mozaic.

Lyn ( P. Nth)

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