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UK Ideas

Posted by Lesley 
UK Ideas
November 06, 2004 09:57AM
My daughter and husband have gone to London for their OE. I will be going next year to visit them, so from your experiences can you tell me places of interest that you would recommend. I have been before three years ago so have been to the obvious, Red Bus, London Eye, Tower of London etc and of course Harrods. Also went to Paris, York, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dublin, Wales, Bath, Stratford upon Avon, Manchester. Will probably go to Italy and maybe Greece, but any suggestions would be welcolme of must see attractions.

Re: UK Ideas
November 06, 2004 12:05PM
If you are into gardening - you must go down and see Sissinghurst Castle Gardens. THE most splendourous exquisite place - quite spiritual too if you take in the history of the place. My husband gave me a book on it for the following Xmas and I sat and read it front to cover on Xmas Day and often go back to look at the pictures and remember the day we wandered amongst the gardens. That was the place my sons learnt the word "vista" and used it for the rest of the 6wks of travel - often to other people's amusement who overheard.

We loved the museums too. Our sons were 8 and 12 when we were there in '97 and they adored the Natural Hisotry Museum with the dinosaurs. Even if you aren't into them - they are magnificent.

Have you been thru the London Dungeons - pretty gross - but gives you an appreciation of what life was like in those days - even the smell.

I am so envious - would love to go again. Our eldest graduates this year and plans to head to UK in May after capping - we will wait until he is settled then go for another visit...........

I ADORE London - never had a moment spare.
Re: UK Ideas
November 06, 2004 10:16PM
If you're going south-west, you should visit The Eden Project in St Austell, Cornwall. It's a project aimed at 'promoting the understanding and responsible management of the vital relationship between plants, people and resources'. Doesn't sount too entertaining on the face of it, but it's well worth a visit, as is the rest of Cornwall. Beautiful scenery and lots to do. Incidentally, when I was over there in July this year, I stayed at youth hostels. Not many youth in them, but plenty of us senior cits. At one, a young man came in to ask directions and saw all us oldies sitting around, chatting, reading, etc (it was after dinner) and asked if it was an old people's home. After that we changed the name from Youth Hostal Association to Young at Heart Assoc!! :}

Re: UK Ideas
November 07, 2004 11:03PM
If you are going anywhere near the Eden Project, make sure you also go to the Lost Garden's of Heligan. It is a project that involved the same guy who was instrumental int he Eden Project, and I actually enjoyed it more, than the Eden project.
If you go to Italy, I can thorougly recommend Pompeii and Sorrento. I would recommend thought hat you go to Italy in the Spring.... avoid the heat and the crowds.
Re: UK Ideas
November 08, 2004 10:18AM
If you are in the Cotswolds and enjoy looking at gardens, we visited a lovely garden last year at Malmesbury, by the Abbey. The old part of the town,is on a hill, very narrow streets, limited parking, but we found a FREE !!! car park in the lower part of town, walked over a little bridge, then up the hill. At the top of the hill, the Abbey on the right,the garden was on the left (admission charge) hundreds of roses, really lovely,quite a new garden,will now be 8 years old. The garden extends down to the little river. We read about the garden in an advertising leaflet at the hotel in Cirencester.

Re: UK Ideas
November 08, 2004 10:41PM
Lesley, if you're going into Cornwall, go down to Polperro - it's a small coastal fishing village right down the bottom, with a marvellous smuggling history. Extremely picturesque, we have recommended to lots of other people and those who've gone have always contacted us afterwards to say thanks for the recommendation, because they've loved it. It only takes a few hours to see through it, and it's well worth the effort.
Re: UK Ideas
November 09, 2004 01:48AM
Hi Lesley

Have a look at <>, you can get some really good deals to the theatre etc in London and other cities in the UK. You can also get great deals on flights on this website, also for flights take a look at <> and <> you can get flights to European destinations for 1 pound plus tax on these website sometimes! They are definately cheaper by far than booking through a travel agent in NZ.


Re: UK Ideas
November 09, 2004 01:53AM
Oh - and when in Greece, if you are travelling to the islands by ferry BEWARE of the guys on the wharf selling fake tickets! Wait til you get to the islands to get accomodation - a large group of hotel owners meet the ferry at the wharf and will not only bargain with you to give the best price but will take you to your hotel. And be warned - you will return with a serious Greek salad addiction!
Re: UK Ideas
November 09, 2004 03:37AM
Lucky you! I recommend Windsor, as it is close to London and is very cool! A real English village and amazing castle - you have to try the fudge from the fudge shop there too. In Italy, everything is wonderful! We loved tuscany. I woudl recommend basing yourself in the country side so you can experience little villages etc. we stayed half way between Siena and Florence which was wonderful and give yourself plenty of time! People have probably told you to do the Cinque Terre as well - fabulous! My recommendation is to do it by boat as you get amazing views of teh villages as you approach them. the most amazing foccacia is in Monterrrosso, with artichokes and mozzarella on top. yum!!
Re: UK Ideas
November 09, 2004 07:39AM
lesley, if in Cornwall .. The Eden project , Lost Gardens Heligan all a must see...From opposite coasts distance not too far ...Mousehole , the other coast Boscastle old & quaint as they all are & for a foodie Rick Stein in Padstow , not his expensive resturant [ unless u would like to] looks wonderful , he has a cheaper fish & chips resturant there as well...We had 3 months there this year ....Wonderful , how I long to go back
Do Enjoy
Re: UK Ideas
November 09, 2004 08:57AM
I'm taking note of all these suggestions. One day we WILL get there!

grinning smiley

Re: UK Ideas
November 10, 2004 08:04PM
Thanks for all the suggestions, have you any good recommendations for tour companys as I will be taking a tour for some of the time while my daughter is at work (I will be going on my own as husband is a non traveller). Any suggestions on what to look out for when considering where to go etc.

Thanks again
Re: UK Ideas
November 10, 2004 09:30PM
Hi Lesley, if you are looking for a guided tour that you can arrange from here, Insight Vacations are the creme de la creme. Their hotels are central, smaller coaches and a lot of the excursions are included in your price. The others are Globus/Cosmos (same Company Cosmos is a cheaper version) or Trafalgar. They are cheaper then Insight, but your accomm is not so central (but after a days touring normally you just crash anyway), however you do not pay for a lot of the excursions until you are there, and then it is in $US - cannot be prepaid from here.
All the UK/Europe specials are out at the moment with special airfares and discounted tours. Most are on sale until 15 December, ie full payment required by then.
Regards, Irene
ps I just had a customer return from the Uk, and she was saying Hilliers in Southampton had the most beautiful gardens, she raved about them.
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