I have just acquired an electric spinning "wheel". I've always rather thought it was cheating, but it arrived with a traditional spinning wheel I was given, along with the remnants of what I presume is an older electric one. The spinner has long since departed, and I'm assuming the person packing up the spinning things didn't know much about it, as there are a few bits missing, so I'm trying to put together the "jigsaw". I need a new belt to make the engine run the spinner, and wonder if anyone knows where to get one.

Does anyone have one of these and know anything about them. Thanks, Janet
Raewyn G
Re: Peacock Electric Sprinning "Wheel"
November 07, 2004 09:23AM
I'm totally ignorant of spinning wheels, but I would suggest finding someone who deals in small electric motors. They should be able to advise you about the belt. The old sewing machines used to have a belt and there must be other motors that still use them.
Good luck,
Re: Peacock Electric Sprinning "Wheel"
November 08, 2004 03:55AM
Perhaps there is a spinners/weaves group in your area, that might have someone who could advise you on where to go for help.
Try you local information centre for the club details
can you spin straw into gold?
Re: Peacock Electric Sprinning "Wheel"
November 08, 2004 06:58PM
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Re: Peacock Electric Sprinning "Wheel"
November 10, 2004 04:26AM
Lynley - I wish!!!
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