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Expired Sunscreen

Posted by Linda 
Expired Sunscreen
November 08, 2004 04:52AM
We went to the beach during this beautiful sunny w/e and had to hunt out the sunscreen. As I put it back in the cupboard, I noticed that it expired Dec 2003. We used it and it appeared to work, as we didn't get burnt.

Does anybody know does suncreen go off, or is it OK to use it until the bottle is empty???

Re: Expired Sunscreen
November 08, 2004 05:06AM
In my experience it does lose it's power - I tend to throw out and buy new. Sun damage is serious.
The children and I used the new bottle in Fiji and Ed used the expired and only one of us burned....
Re: Expired Sunscreen
November 10, 2004 02:44AM
it alsways amuses me that they say to keep it at a certain temperature. certainly way below what is normal on a sunny day and certainly way below what temps are reached in a car.!!!!
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