November 08, 2004 06:30AM
I was reading just before about aprons & am wondering who wears them. I have often meant to get one (the ones here in the Store look nice) so wonder whether you have made them, gifts - like the ones I mentioned, or what. When I have been caught in clean-ish clothes, I have been known to tuck a tea towel around my neck - looks like an oversized bib, & definately not a look I want to be caught out with!!smiling smiley
Raewyn G
Re: Aprons
November 08, 2004 07:16AM
I have commercially made ones for work, but used to make my own, including my Christmas ones which will get an airing very soon. Have others that I have made. With a bib and long length cos if I have a short one on, yes, you've read it, down the trousers........Slop!!!!!
Blinken hopeless!
Re: Aprons
November 08, 2004 09:55AM
Yes, I always wear an apron when cooking,and yes, I have made them, with bib, and sew a pretty embroidered type trim around the outer edge and around the pockets.

Re: Aprons
November 08, 2004 10:53AM
I feel like a "nana" but yes I always wear an apron when doing a substantial amount of cooking. I don't put one on for daily dinner cooking but if I am baking I do.
Re: Aprons
November 08, 2004 11:32AM
I collect nana's old aprons - Daisy's favourite is one with roses on it and a bib - I just double up and around her tiny waist, and my favourite has a (not quite sure what the PC word is) black face mammy sewn on it with gold earrings sewn on to match - it's bright red and lovely.

For the heavy duty jobs though, I have a black (well dark greyish now) denim one with pockets, and a country road one that has an adjustable neck - great for us shorties who don't want to wear the bib part over our tummies only.

Aprons are our friends.......
Re: Aprons
November 08, 2004 07:09PM
Yes I wear an apron. I have a few but my favourite one is a red Piper Heidseck one bought in Epernay, France a few years ago. I also have a neat black one with red chillies on the pockets.grinning smiley
Re: Aprons
November 08, 2004 08:30PM
I have a neat Jo Seagar one that I think was a prize in a competition a few years back. The only problem I have is that the neck loop starts to make my neck tired after a while. Wish I could find a pattern for one that had shoulder straps...I know, I know, then I really would look like a Nana! But I would be comfortable!
Re: Aprons
November 08, 2004 09:50PM
I have some from my mother in laws collection, one of them with beautiful embroidery that she used to do. Use that on special occasions and when we have friends around as I am known to slop the food around a fair bit. Have a heavy duty one that I wear when cooking after work and havent had time to change or when I'm doing a serious amount of baking. I have learnt to tuck the tea towel into the band now instead of wiping my hands on my pinny and invariably my pants!!!!

Helen CB
Re: Aprons
November 09, 2004 01:12AM
Bev, we'd look great in the kitchen together, as my apron is a black Moet & Chandon one bought in Epernay, France a couple of years ago!smiling smiley
Re: Aprons
November 09, 2004 01:51AM
I love my apron - i have three and my mother says that they are like my security blankets!! in fact, when i cook at other people's houses, i tuck a tea towel into my waist band as i feel naked in the kitchen without my pinny!!! My favourite one is a pink tinkerbell one which I got in japan last year and is Japanese style. i love it! I'm never in the kitchen without my pinny on!
Re: Aprons
November 09, 2004 04:21AM
I'm just wondering whether anyone has purchase one of the aprons off this site - I have asked for one for Christmas and was going to point my family in the direction of this website however I am a little wee thing and I'm worried that it might engulf me. Any idea what size they are?

Thanks, Kimberley
Re: Aprons
November 09, 2004 08:59AM
I always wear an apron at work (food bar), yet I dont own one at home.
I really should, cos I know from work how handy it is to quickly wipe hands on smiling smiley and I know how messy my clothes can get.

I'm inspired by you lovely ladies!

Re: Aprons
November 09, 2004 10:58AM
I have worn aprons for years - in fact have left one at my son's place, as I got tired of visiting him and finding "no pinny"

I remember my Mum and Nana making aprons from flour bags just after the war - they were beautifully embroidered. Wish I still had some of them!

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