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Posted by Crystal 
November 09, 2004 01:35PM

Unable to locate locally.
sad smiley

But is "Tide" laundry detergent available here?
Re: Tide
November 09, 2004 06:46PM
Don't think so Crystal. I have been here 37 years and I don't ever recall seeing it.

I stick with Persil or Drive - I think they are the two best available.

Others may have alternative suggestions.
Raewyn G
Re: Tide
November 09, 2004 07:35PM
Hurricane is a great laundry powder, as is Reflex. I usually buy what's on special and have no problems. And I'm like my dear old Mum was, a washer-hollic! Love Washing, its the blinken Ironing I H.....A.......T.....E!!!!!!
Am sure I'm not on my own in that department!
Re: Tide
November 09, 2004 07:53PM
Reminds me of the joke from way back in my school days in England:

Why did the White Tide Man get the sack?
He couldn't get Staines out of Middlesex.

For those who don't know, the White Tide Man is similar to that Aussie man who goes around staining everyone's clothes then cleaning them up with Napisan. And Staines is the town I used to live in.

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